I'm new--TTC #2 -- Cycle 11

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I'm new--TTC #2 -- Cycle 11

Postby Btownhoosier » Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:43 am

Hubby and I have been TTC #2 all year, so we are just finishing cycle 11. Hubby is a Type 1 diabetic, which we suspect is effecting his count. I usually ovulate like clockwork (although late with shortish lutal phase), but didn't this month at all. I also suspect I have fibroids/endrometriosis since it runs in my family, but haven't been diagnosed as of yet. I'm still holding out hope that my meter just didn't read correctly and this will be the month, but we made appt for December to get with OB/fertility specialist. We are both really over the entire process which isn't helping. We love our daughter and are so thankful to have her, but I would love for her to have one sibling (I long ago gave up a big family since this has been a pain).
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Re: I'm new--TTC #2 -- Cycle 11

Postby BKB273 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:56 pm

Hi we have been trying for #2 for a while too, right now on our 17th cycle. No fertility problems, but DH has not had SH done, but doc says he is probably ok and no cause for concern. My ovaries look good, lots of follicles. Not getting pregnant might be because of my blood sugar levels or stress about thinking about TTC all the time, and also my BMI is like 40. DS just turned 6, I just turned 36. I totally thought at this age I would have a toddler by now. I really wanted them no more than 4 years apart, but things don’t go as you plan. I am slowly starting to think if it doesn’t happen, I am happy with just DS, I love him so much, but I would love to add a baby to the picture. He would love to have a sibling. Thank goodness he has cousins and loves them dearly and they play often together. I start on Metformin 3 weeks ago, down 7lbs so far and eating healthier, just need to get active. I am less stressed about getting pregnant, and prepared to wait up to another year for it to happen; hopefully it does not take that long. I would love our second one to come before the end of next year. We’ll see what happens. I have used O kits in the past, but gave up on them, and I don’t temp, too tedious. I would just wait until day 14/15 and BD around that time, but now since my cycles are starting to get irregular, we’ve decided this month to stick to every 2 days so that we don’t miss out on my O time. I’ve heard you can get pregnant on Metformin more easily, so I am hoping that is the case for me!
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