BFP One cycle

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BFP One cycle

Postby Awaitingmyblessing » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:05 pm

I got my BFP in one cycle. :D
What I did this cycle was:

1. Most important thing I did was Constantly cleansed with water (only)
2. Drank Fertilitea (2 cups measured before bed at night)
3. Took Fertile CM Through out the month and before Ovulation :o:
4. Used Preseed Especially during ovulation
5.Took prenatal vitamins everyday along with whole milk before bed
!!!Discontinued everything except for prenatals and whole milk after ovulation!!!!
I hope this can help some of you achieve your :bfp: this cycle.

My TWW Symptoms
1dpo horrible gas so bad I thought I was ovulating again in the worst way
2dpo still gassy
3dpo still gassy, uti like cramping of which I knew was not a uti lasted for 45 seconds and never came back it was like a shooting pain that started somewhere and shot all the way down into vagina :?
4dpo Still gassy
5dpo No symptoms other than feeling as if :af: is on the way
6dpo :af: feelings continue gas is back a little
7dpo :af: cramps continue not really bad just soft and feeling as if cervix was about to start :af:
8dpo No symptoms I am so close to calling it over this cycle
9dpo Sneezed and felt shooting pain run though my uterus knew at that moment something was going on took a FR GOLD DIGI yes or no test and YES!!! could not believe my eyes so I tested with 2 more tests which also came out positive
10dpo tested again for darker :bfp: and today I am slowly accepting at almost 20 dpo that I am preggo!!!!! :pregnant2: :yay:

THE BEST advice I can give is to keep your body clean treat it as if you are already preggo and catch that :o:
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Postby hhurt » Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:02 pm

congrats on your :bfp: :jump: :jump:
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Postby Baby_Bumble_Bee » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:22 pm


Your post has given me such hope this month!! I am currently 6dpo and a lot of the symptoms you had I have been having.

I've been having the feeling (cramps) that AF is coming any min and i'm not suppose to start for another week and a half and I never normally get symptoms until a few days before. Temps are up and also boobies are sore and have also been experiencing shooting pains in my cervix every now and then....i'm SOOOOO hoping this means I will get my BFP this month, this is our 13th month trying :)
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