9th try lucky finally a BFP that resulted in a live birth

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9th try lucky finally a BFP that resulted in a live birth

Postby diminished » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:54 pm

My husband and I tried for 13 years to have a child of our own, we are also raising foster children.
We had no luck before getting married and 3 days after we were married we had our first fertility appointment (I was 18 and too heavy so was pretty much laughed out of the office, after a few more apts and basic run up of tests for hubby and me we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility)

I never made the bmi required for treatment and had a 2 spontaneous pregnancyes and m/c since 2010 I have been taking duromine off and on for help to loose weight and every time im on it I conceieve and after 10 years of never concieveing its magic (it could just be I get down to a weight were im able to get pregnant I don't know) in 2012 I was pregnant 3 times the third just 20 days after a D&C and it worked out spontaneous pregnancy number 9 resulted in my little wish come true baby born 7/6/2013 and we have been trying since he was about 17 days old to get him a shot at having a sibling. I used to hate the TTC #2 people why couldn't they be happy they got one at lest (back when I had none)

because I always envied people who were pregnant I loathed when they moaned about pregnancy related conditions - I was really vomitty , had heart burn, my pelvis went soft and I ended up with a support belt and then on crutches, got gestational diabeties eneded up on 5 daily insulin injections, my baby never moved so scans every month then every 10 days and ctgs every other day from week 30 (I was so gloriously thrilled to get the experience)

it was all entirely worth it and I mean I was in pain and in tears from my pelvis but it was all for something my labour was easy I couldn't feel contractions over the pelvic pain and after 3 days and 8cms they cut him out - my very own real baby I still cant believe how lucky I am
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Re: 9th try lucky finally a BFP that resulted in a live birt

Postby BABYBABY!!! » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:08 am

congratulations what a wonderful story, I too have extreme pelvic pain especially with my last pregnancy I was practically bedridden and anywhere I did walk I needed to use a cane but I felt like I needed a walker and yes every bit of that excruciating pain was all worth it I would do it again in a heartbeat :D
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