BFP 12DPO CD28 TTC 3months

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BFP 12DPO CD28 TTC 3months

Postby mummielovesdeeply » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:06 pm

I posted on here Jan 2014 under tag BFP with spotting and am soo happy to be posting again!! But this time no IB, for which I am greatful as my pregnancy last year had two stressful complications 31wks4days bedrest, sometimes IB is a sign that there could be some problems especially if you have a prolonged IB like I had for 5 days. A subchorionic hematoma bleed at 9wks6days, then circumvallate placenta disorder diagnosed @ 20wks, then on delivery they found an extra lobe on the placenta. My little darling arrived happy and healthy, by repeat C-section, 8lb12oz/3990grams, and is a clever little girl already walking and showing advanced development, she'll be 1 on 10/01/15 :) Also I'm turning 35 next month and DF is 30, we've been TTC since June2015

This time around TTC took a little longer than last time, not as easy to get a chance at DTD, also breastfeeding on demand while bed-sharing through this cold NZ winter had my cycles irregular and I wasn't even 100% that I was ovulating. My post-partum bleeding lasted 8wks, got AF back when LO was 11wks, but cycles varied in length, my first 28day cycle happened last month, previous to LO I had regular 28day cycles so I saw this as a good sign. I invested in some cheap OPKs and tried really hard to get LO to sleep so DF and I cld DTD, sometimes I had to wake him once I had her asleep and into her cot, but hey he's a man & was keen everytime lol.

I've not been able to keep as detailed a record like last time but will put down as much as I can.

CD1 - AF
CD2 - AF
CD3 - AF
CD4 - AF & really crampy which is weird as usually get cramps on CD1 and thats it
CD5 - AF
CD6 - AF
CD7 - nothing
CD8 - spotting
CD9 - spotting, neg OPK
CD10 - spot, neg OPK, BD
CD11 - neg OPK
CD12 - neg OPK
CD13 - Lots EWCM, neg OPK, BD
CD14 - EWCM, OPK neg but getting darker
CD15 - small amount EWCM, OPK almost as dark as Control line, late that evening had two sharp pains that had me nearly double over and if had continued I wld hve gone hospital soo painful!! BD
CD16 - Blazing positive OPK darker and thicker than Control line! I was crampy and bloated while out that evening, couldn't even engage abs my lower abdomen was soo uncomfortable. Too tired and baby grizzly so did not BD.
CD17/1DPO - neg OPK, scanty EWCM, nipples tickling when LO nursing
CD18/2DPO - nothing noticeable, no CM, still sensitive nipples to nursing
CD19/3DPO - couple sharpish shooting pains across c-section scar
CD20/4DPO - Scanty thin white discharge in knickers
CD21/5DPO - CM white and creamy at cervix
CD22/6DPO - Lots of White/Cloudy EWCM like dangling down frm my girly parts into the toilet, not normal for me at this stage in my cycle but can't trust it as breastfeeding can affect CM I found out in the last few months TTC, Moody and grumpy, snapping at DF & my 11yr old son, had major drama fight and flew waay off the handle trying to kick DF out even!!!
CD23/7DPO - CM dried up, posted on my blog about how emotional I was feeling.
CD24/8DPO - CM still dry, moody, not hungry, not a happy chappy
CD25/9DPO - CM dry, soo moody with computer wanted to throw it across the room after baby had got keyboard and my log on was unworkable.
CD26/10DPO - Vomited my morning coffee jst cause I was trying to demonstrate to Master 11 yrs how to get his throat checked so I cld see down it. DF took me out shopping and the bridal set of rings I'd admired on CD16 was 60% off and he bought them for me, nearly cried was soo happy he finally made me officially his woman :) Had majorly dry mouth of drive home so stopped for drinks, was thinking thirst increasing cld this be it?
CD27/11DPO - Nipples feel scratchy and uncomfortable while LO nursing, but still in denial as manifesting symptoms is soo easy to do, DF home sick frm work and irritating me easily, Moody and tired.
CD28/12DPO - DF still home sick driving me insane, feel guilty for my lack of compassion, went to supermarket and could smell the tea while standing choosing some vanilla chai tea soo strong I decided to buy cheap HPT. Got home and even though I knew better and it was probably bad idea to test on third pee of the day I did and got a squinter but it's a positive!!!!

Some other symptoms that I can't assign to DPO, falling asleep at night easier than usual, having vivid dreams, extra saliva like need to swallow it frequently and flip pillow over soo wet, extra gas burping waay more than usual, nausea has been bad almost vomited and did vomit once, headaches, twinges of sharp pains around uterus sometimes but no cramping so blew them off.

Soo happy to get BFP now just praying for a sticky bean with a happy healthy nine months while looking after a toddler :)

Wishing all you lovely ladies lots of sticky baby dust :)

Hoping this time it posts as the spam filter had been blocking me!!
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Re: BPF 12DPO CD28 TTC 3months

Postby mummielovesdeeply » Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:18 pm

I wld have posted my BFP story in BFP thread but Mollom wldnt let me.
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Re: BFP 12DPO CD28 TTC 3months

Postby MSBLACK32 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:29 pm

Congrats :-)
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