My BFP story

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My BFP story

Postby NewlyWed_Z » Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:56 pm

Hiya gals,

I was hesitant at first to post here so as not to jinx the pregnancy, however I know that when I was TTC, I appreciated reading about real life BFP stories :)

First off, I got married in August and wanted to try right away. We were doing the ntnp method for 2 months before the wedding and 1 month after, so not actively trying until September. I had no idea when I ovulated but my cycle was more or less 30 - 33 days. The only thing I did in September was:

- Start taking Fertility Blend
- Eating more and more whole foods (I was on a restrictive diet before the wedding)

I BD'd just in the middle of my cycle and eased off straight after that. After the knowledge I got from my TTC journey in October, I'm almost sure I missed O and got my period on 23rd September. I noticed that my cycle was now 29 days - thought that was a good sign!

Anyways! I joined here and got to chatting and learning about TTC. Here's the supps I took in October:

- Continue Fertility Blend
- Evening primrose oil
- Folic Acid (400mcg)
- Zinc
- Cod Liver Oil
- Vitamins B6 and B12
- CoQ10

What I did differently in October:

- OPKs

And here's how the cycle turned out:

CD1 - AF
CD2 - AF
CD3 - AF
CD4 - AF almost done
CD5 - nothing
CD6 - BD out of fun :)
CD7 - nothing
CD8 - BD and start using OPK (start of SMEP)
CD9 - negative OPK
CD10 - negative OPK (DH worked late, so no BD... woke him up on CD11 morning to do it, though ;))
CD11 - negative OPK, BD
CD12 - OPK getting darker, but still negative, BD
CD13 - negative OPK
CD14 - negative OPK, BD
CD15 - negative OPK
CD16 - negative OPK, BD
CD17 - OPK was slightly darker in the morning, so I tested again in the afternoon after work - much stronger line! Positive OPK! BD!
CD18 - positive OPK, BD - I must've O'd between CD17 and CD18 because the OPK got fainter by the night of CD18... BD!
CD19/1DPO to CD24/6DPO - REST (BD ED is tiring!)
CD25/7DPO - negative pregnancy test. Got some very dull "moving" constant cramps on the night of CD25/7DPO
CD26/8DPO - negative pregnancy test. Dull cramps continue on and off in the morning of CD26/8DPO. Felt MEGA tired and left work early to go home and nap. Thought it best to stay home and skip gym that evening. Slept all night even after the nap!!
CD27/9DPO - negative pregnancy test. Still very tired and skipped gym to go home and nap again. Slept all night... DH is impressed with my sleeping skills. VERY emotional - cried during an episode of the Simpsons. :/
CD28/10DPO - negative pregnancy test in the am. Again, skipped gym to go nap - a loooong nap. Got up, and was so moody and weepy for the smallest things. Was up late with these emotions... Noticed the veins on my boobs are alot more visible - they're not sore, though.
CD29/11DPO - ...still up to the wee hours. At 1am, had to pee. So, of course, I POAS. Nada... negative pregnancy test - meh, kept it by the sink anyways. Ah well. Had to pee again at 1:30am... took a look at the last stick I pee'd on half hour ago... WHUT! IS THAT A FAINT LINE??? Quickly got the ClearBlue pregnancy test and tried to POAS again. Went for a drink, walk around, kill 5 mins... come back - BFP!!!! A slight line but - A LINE! It's ridiculous o'clock so I couldn't scream but I started to cry.
CD30/12DPO - line is darker! Still sleepy and with loads of emotions... DH did his usual easing of my emotions during "that time", so I showed him the test and said "maybe this is why" :)

By 18DPO the line was darker than the control line :) I got an internal ultrasound and I saw the speck of a dark spot :) Also, noticed I had a bunch of cysts on both ovaries. I've had PCOS over a decade ago and treated it for a couple years. I've had regular periods since so was shocked and saddened when I saw the cysts.

I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant and I've had no real symptoms other than being mega tired, having loads of naps initially moody (it's subsiding).

My boobs aren't sore, I don't feel nauseous and throughout my cycle (and now) my CM has been lotion-like - never any EWCM.

Hope this story is helpful to someone :)

And the waiting game continues... first to O, then the TWW... now, to get to 12 weeks with a healthy bub.

Good luck everyone!! xxx
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Re: My BFP story

Postby blooop » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:32 am

Thanks for posting :) I'm so happy for you!
I got a BFN today at 10 dpo.. this kind of gives me hope it could still happen lol.

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Re: My BFP story

Postby hopingandpraying13 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:30 pm

I'm 15dpo right now and got my BFP on 12dpo. I dislike this waiting game, but I'm so happy that we got our positive. I got my beta done today and it was 126. I'm so excited!
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Re: My BFP story

Postby MammysBabyno2 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:14 am

Congratulations :) we got married in August too been TTC since

Had the exact same bedding pattern as you (haha)

It's the best shot we have had first time I ovulated Sunday/Monday ans husband was home (5 times in 48 hours)

I was starting to think I was out but reading your post I have a little hope now :) thanks
Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy
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