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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

1st BFP

I have never posted anywhere before but have been reading these posts religiously as I've thought I could have been pregnant a few times since coming off BC but never was! Sorry in advance if this is a lengthy post but it's been a roller coaster! I went off BC a year ago in May 2014 because my thyroid was slightly elevated and my PCP said this could contribute to this and the anxiety I was experiencing. After going off of BC AF was all over the place. Some cycles were 6 weeks, some were 3 weeks and every where in between. We were not actively trying to conceive because I wanted my body to chill out! Then I started synthroid after my TSH was still slightly higher than ideal for conception according to my doc and AF became nonexistent, aka barely spotting (sorry tmi). I stopped taking it in February after another visit with my OB who said to just take my prenatal and use OPKs for a month to make sure I was in fact ovulating. It took almost 5 weeks but received a solid pos OPK in March, temp increase and normal AF two weeks later. After that I decided to just stop paying attention and agonizing over what was or wasn't happening. DH travels a lot for work so he was gone most of April. In May we went on vacation together and to my surprise! AF started on 5/8 and ended 5/14 (I've always had 7 day AFs). DH and I were away from 5/15-5/26. I didn't use OPKs this cycle but I'm going to assume I O'ed on CD14 for the sake of symptoms and EDD (Feb 2016). We were on vacation so pretty much BD'd every day if not every other day. Used preseed for lubricant purposes maybe once. I am taking New Chapter PreNatals and a Vit D supplement and have been ever since stopping BC. 5/21 - O day? 5/22-5/25 - 1-4 DPO nothing to report 5/26 - 5 DPO felt twinges and exhausted but assumed it was from jet lag 5/27- 6 DPO exhausted and HOT. I am fair skinned and was bright red even through my tan! 5/28 - 7 DPO exhausted. BBT higher than I ever remember seeing it. REALLY sore BBs. 5/29 - 8 DPO exhausted. Thought it was just taking me a long time to get over jet lag. 5/30 - 9 DPO took BBT and still high. Really dry CM this entire time. Used a wondfo and saw a faint BFP. Thought it was an evap so took another an hour later and got the same thing! Line was so faint DH didn't believe it. Was very nauseous that night with horrible sore throat. 5/31 - 10 DPO went out for lunch with a friend and peed on a FRER when I got home. BFP appeared right away! 6/1 - 11 DPO sore BBs, HOT, nauseous, woke up to pee 4 times 6/2 - 12 DPO sore BBs and nauseous 6/3 - 13 DPO BBs calmed down today and so did the nauseous feeling. Was nervous that symptoms were going away. Then on the way home the smell of flowers almost knocked me over and I threw up after eating dinner. Creamy CM. Darker BFP on Wondfo. 6/4 - 14 DPO BBs slightly sore again, waves of nauseousness. Officially missed AF today. Going to see my endo today to check TSH. Want to be excited but slightly terrified. I think every cramp means somethings wrong! (I've had lower back pain pretty much every day since 10 DPO.) Trying to take it all one day at a time. All I can say is that it happened when I stopped thinking about it. Easier said than done :)



Congratulations! So exciting!

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