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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

1st BFP at 38

Having convinced myself that I was probably infertile due to my age and with minimal statistical chance of conceiving, this BFP came as somewhat of a shock. I had not considered trying to conceive until this year, and therefore had spent 20 plus years on the mini-pill. I stopped taking it in January and immediately experienced a plethora of what I now know to be progesterone-imbalance related symptoms as my body attempted to reach homeostasis. These symptoms were essentially every reported Two Week Wait "sign of pregnancy" under the sun, ranging from sore breasts and nipples, nausea, cramp, ovary twinges, etc. Despite not having been consistent in having sex on ovulation day during these months, and not really trying to conceive, these symptoms made me wonder during February and March, but each time, BFN. Following this, I did not DTD anywhere close to ovulation and the progesterone-imbalance symptoms had subsided. This month things happened by coincidence. On June 23rd, cycle day 18, I experienced a huge, thick, incredibly stretchy string of EWCM that was around 30cms long and which I had to physically "pull out" of my vagina following a bowel movement as it was hanging down toward the toilet bowl. I had sex this day, twice the following day and each day for the rest of the week... admittedly more for fun than anything else. I was not using OPKs to identify ovulation as having used these one month realised that my EWCM and ovulation pain were actually more effective and OPKs were not telling me anything I did not already know. I also did not chart cervical position, having observed that mine migrates wildly throughout the month and does not indicate anything consistently. I have an 11 day luteal phase, and a cycle that has varied between 23-30 days during this past 6 months. Onto "symptoms" by DPO: 1-3dpo: nothing 4dpo: ovarian twinges in right side, consistent with the normal function of ovarian peristalis, moving the egg down the fallopian tube 5-8dpo: strange throbbing sensation VERY low down... literally centimetres above and to the left of the pudendal cleft. white CM. Hemorroid flare up - very painful. 9-10dpo: throbbing sensation continues, now experiencing extremely light cramping. I do not usually experience any cramping either before or during menstruation. white, crumbly CM. BFN. Extremely painful hemorroids. Feel tired. 11dpo: Period due. "Lightning crotch" sharp, electrical jolt through vagina that literally lifted my body off the bed as if I had been defibrilated, happened twice. Faint BFP on internet cheapie in the afternoon with very dilute urine. Faint BFP with superdrug test, then Pregnant 1-2 weeks with clearblue digital. Lots of cramping, poking sensations and terrible trapped wind after eating. Feel tired. 12dpo: Today, further clear BFP on First Response. Cramping and twinging continues. Breasts starting to feel fuller, although not painful or sensitive at all. Very hungry! Whilst it is still very early days, the give-away for this BFP was the complete lack of symptoms. After reading through countless BFP diaries, it appears that "early symptoms" are the exception rather than the rule, and most likely to be the result of hormone imbalances.
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congratz H&H 9 months and bfp

Your Hemorrhiods probably wouldn't be so bad if you pulled your head out of your butt. Many pregnancy related symptoms are due to hormones. Just because you "think" you had no early pregnancy symptoms, does not mean other women do not experience them. And just so you know, several thing you described in your 2ww would be considered "early symptoms" of pregnancy. If you decide to post here again, try giving hope to those who will read your post instead of attempting to show off your intelligence.

@annonttc  I am well aware that the symptoms I mentioned are legitimate early pregnancy symptoms, hence posting them. I have no interest in giving false hope to women who are so desperate to be pregnant that they interpret everything as a possible "symptom", only to be disappointed when they are not pregnant. I actually want to support those women who think they are "out" simply because they are not experiencing PMS and because the Internet is awash with absolute nonsense with no scientific validity.  ALL pregnancy symptoms are due to hormones. The same hormones that cause PMS. The exception being HCG and if you're pregnant enough to have "symptoms" from that, you're pregnant enough to have a positive test.   

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