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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

2 x TWW back-to-back

I wanted to submit my 2 experiences so that anyone that experiences the first what was probably an early loss, can find some comfort that you can still get your BFP on the next cycle. I am 36, first baby, NTNP since June but 'actively' trying for around 5 cycles. Not temping or using OPK, just going by 'every other day' from around CD 8 TO CD 18 as I have 30-32 day cycles and get a slight bleed after ovulation so know this is roughly CD16. I have very mild PCOS but regular cycles and OV. Just a hairy chin all the time!! Disclaimer: TMI is gonna be in every other sentence. TWW1 - CP? MMC? DPO 1 - Light bleed and strong headache suspect OV took place in last 24hrs DPO 2 - Full with gas/bloated DPO 3 - I blacked out after 1 lap (0.4km) of my jogging. I average 5-10k 3 or 4 times a week so I definitely wasn't over doing it. Husband said.. 'You're pregnant' (it's his second so I trusted him) DPO 4 - Vivid dreams and gas. A random strong aversion to husbands smelly cigarette hands that were resting on the table next to me. DPO 5 - Vivid dreams and lower back ache. DPO 6 - Constipated. Pin prick of brown blood when wiping. DPO 7 - Light brown spotting, headache in afternoon, dry/itchy throat, hello chin pimple! (Convinced the spotting was Imp. bleeding) DPO 8 - Vivid dream, Gas, Constipated, Spotting brown blood still, sore throat. DPO 9 - Spotting still, stuffy nose and sore throat (probably caught from very unwell husband). Insomnia DPO 10 - Bloating, sore throat, very emotional! DPO 11 - Full on cold/flu DPO 12 - Bloated with gas, constipated, still have the cold, hair is greasing up every other day, can usually manage 2 days. DPO 13 - Cold still DPO 14 - BFN with FMU. AF twinges and very low mood. DPO 15 - Gas, very emotional, Headache DPO 16 - Vivid dreams, bloated, AF twinges DPO 17 - Gas, AF cramps, headache. DPO 18 - No AF still on CD34 - BFN on FMU. DPO 19 - Cough not shifting, learned how to check my cervix and found it high and closed. DPO 20 - Now CD36 still no AF. Spotted brown blood after 5k jogging. Sharp pain in left side. DPO 21 - Spotting again when wiping. DPO 22 - Brighter red spotting DPO 23 - Strong cramps, heavy clotted bleeding - I'm out. Wasn't so hopeful after the BFN's anyway but was worried something was wrong with me that I couldn't carry :-( Next cycle: DPO 1 - Moody, tight bloated gassy feeling DPO 2 - Moody, slight brown spotting when I checked my cervix. DPO 3 - Constipated, sharp pain on left hip area. DPO 4 - Nipples started to be very sensitive to touch. This didn't happen last month and it was weird as since I had breast reduction surgery in 2013, I have never really had full sensitivity in my nipples, they have been relatively numb so this was a bit of a weird one. They were also constantly erect! Winner! DPO 5 - Nothing, only sensitive nipples DPO 6 - Gassy, sensitive nipples. DPO 7 - Extremely low mood. DPO 8 - Still very low mood and angry - nipples the same (and continue to be) DPO 9 - Nothing DPO 10 - Angry again (Poor husband) - had a very sharp pull pain on the left.. around 5-10 seconds where I had to stop and let it pass. DPO 11 - Really gross sex dream. Couldn't even talk about it. DPO 12 - Pully pains again on left, urination frequency up. DPO 13 - Constipation, AF mild cramps DPO 14 - Nipples are still sensitive, constipated, pulling feeling again on left, like really painful trapped gas.. yet my gas was definitely not trapped if you catch my drift! DPO 15 - Constipated, still getting mild on/off AF cramps and waiting for her to arrive. Was not hopeful at all. Gassy and evening shattered, fell asleep 6-8pm and had a headache that wouldn't shift. DPO 16 - Vivid dream, AF cramps getting stronger and feel like she is coming any minute but CP is high, closed and hard. Smelly gas (sorry). DPO 17 - Very moody, AF Twinges still, at night in bed I had a very strong tightening and painful cramp that went on 10-15 secs in my abdomen. Was a little confused by this point as it was not AF cramp. DPO 18 - No appetite (this seems to be the norm) Nips still sensitive this whole time. Getting thirsty after drinking. Another strong intense cramp again when I was in bed, same as previous night, almost unbearable. DPO 19 - Constipated (seems also to be the norm now). Still high, closed cervix but with white CM (I don't produce a lot at all so this was hard to monitor). Zingy pain in left boob/nipple. Gassy DPO 20 - Feels like a full heavy uterus pain. still no AF but strong cramps in that region that are a bit sharper and more isolated than AF cramps. Nose is dry and a bit painful. DP0 21 - BFP with FMU. Still feeling fine, boobs don't ache, only the nipples, only mild nausea once so far. I am 5 weeks and 2 days. No tiredness yet.. got so much to come! Due Aug 2018. Today is 10th Dec so am planning Christmas day reveal (I live overseas) to close family and friends. It's my mum's first grandchild and as I am 36 you can appreciate how long she has been waiting for this! Can't wait to tell her! Good luck ladies, try not to think there is something wrong with you if you aren't successful even after symptoms. Baby dust xxx
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