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28th cycle's the charm - BFP with IUI and borderline MFI

Can't believe I'm writing this. Feels like a big fib. But here we are. After 2.5 years, 6 failed rounds of clomid, unexplained fertility (but clearly borderline MFI - we'll get to that), the second IUI on injectables has resulted in a BFP... Every month I've tortured myself overthinking symptoms, everything from constipation to sense of smell. This month I've really not had much. I was sure I was out from the get go. IUI 1 post wash count was 5.5million and it was a bust. So this month after 10 days on GonalF (3 extra than IUI 1) resulting in one lonely little follicle and then a post wash count of just over 2 million (plus being hyperviscous), I was sure we were out. So sure that we were actively discussing going straight to IVF. 1dpiui-4dpiui - total doom, sure I was out, totally furious that this was so hard when it seemed to come so easily for so many others 5-10dpiui - nothing. not a sore boob. not a thing. Generally irritable but also still furious about the whole thing. 11dpiui - one tiny speck of blood on knickers, sure this is the beginning of AF (came on 12dpiui last cycle), make plans about IVF or going for third IUI. 12dpiui - although on constant knicker watch, nothing more appears 13-15dpiui - occasional light cramping and something that I can only describe as feeling like my ovaries having a twinge. 16dpiui - time to go to the hospital to test. Was so sure that AF was going to appear that I couldn't bear to test at home and be disappointed for what felt like the millionth time. So the assisted conception nurse did a quick urine test and low and behold, a BFP appeared. I thought she was lying but I'm sitting next to the test right now and sure enough it has two lines on it. Two lines. Never thought I'd see the day. So things I've been doing. Please don't think I'm nuts, but anyone who's been TTC for any length of time and has even a smidge of Type A in their personality will understand. I had to fling everything at it when it was all going wrong. So here's the list: - acupuncture (been going since September) - I'm sure this had something to do with it. Moved acupuncturist by accident but new one way more into fertility acupuncture and approached things very differently. Will keep seeing her. - Fertilaid (since October so probably isn't anything to do with it) - Vit D - Folic Acid (extra on top of the Fertilaid) - decaf Green tea CD1 til trigger shot (hence the need for the extra folic acid - paranoid about issues with absorption) - this was amazing for giving me EWCM - raspberry leaf tea (from CD1 til trigger shot) - Castor oil packs (from CD2 til trigger shot) - first month I did this - pineapple core from 1dpiui to 10dpiui - Wearing moonstone and rose quartz (yes, I know how that sounds to some people but it helped keep my crazy at bay) - aspirin 75mg every other day from CD5-trigger (don't do until speak to docs but really this won't have been enough to help much) - drinking 2.5L water a day - no caffeine - loads of sleep - normal exercise routine (had tried everything from completely sedentary to completely fitness crazy and nothing worked so just did what I wanted - brazil nuts every dpiui - warming foods - always wearing socks and boots rather than my usual pumps. - wearing jammies in bed to keep cosy - CoQ10 for both of us - Royal Jelly for me - DH - Fertilaid for Men (started in October - previously on WellMan Conception) - DH - acetyl cysteine (supposed to be good for the hyperviscous issue) And that's us. It's super early days. Super super early. So we might be having a baby. Maybe. Hopefully. Sending you all my love, it can be such a stressful journey. So grateful to have got to this point and got everything crossed that it all works out.


Haven't a clue why it needs me to comment on my own post before it's published but I'm probably missing something really straightforward.  

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