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A DADS STORY; how blessed we are, the strength of a woman is amazing!!!

Firstly I am a 26 year old full time primary school SEN teacher, I am also a dad of two beautiful boys born 01.01.2013 and 26.07.14 who mean the world to me and I have the most wonderful and supportive wife and family! I have posted in the past on this website and it was assumed I was the first dad to post on the website ever! I posted for the first time back in 2012 titled; BFP Thank You So Much! On the 28 April 2012 regarding my DW BFP and again in 2013 titled; BFP After Early MC and BF "A DADS STORY" on the 8th November 2013; most recently I posted in the IVF forum on behalf of my aunty titled BFP ICSI/LOW EGG RESERVE after 3 years TTC at age 38 on the 25th October 2014). After the birth of my second son I made it my priority to aid my aunt/uncle with their dream of becoming parents in October they got their positive result fortunately on their first fresh cycle but at Christmas sadly they lost their IVF twins at 10weeks! This Easter break I once again supported my aunty in her journey for their final frozen embryo transfer and thus this is where my story begins! Upon helping my aunty I was focussed upon her medication and appointments and ensuring her diet and vitamins ect ect were all in place and I had not really thought about my own wife and how our own fertility journey may be going! My wife was still breast feeding and there was no signs of AF, she is also a firm believer in natural contraceptive methods reluctant to try the pill, coil, iuds ect it is important to identify however we do not believe anything is an accident everything is meant to be and we firmly believe in the grace of god and his blessings and as a couple we had decided long ago we would love a large family and would just allow nature to take its course as long as all were healthy and happy. As my aunty began her treatment at the beginning of the Easter holidays my wife began to feel tired and her appetite began to increase, followed by breakouts of spots and then finally increased cervical mucus! The day of my aunt’s transfer two weeks ago we found out we were expecting our third baby however our happiness was tinged with a sadness developed from empathy for my aunt and her individual journey! We saw this as a good sign and although initially reluctant we decided to share our news with our aunty who was over moon for us and also took this as a good omen! It coincidently happened that her test day was due on the same day we had been given an early ultrasound appointment today the 15.04.15! We went for our ultrasound today and saw our baby who is 8wk2days and a beautiful beating fetal pole. Sadly my aunt’s test came back negative and this cycle is deemed to have failed. Although we are so very happy it can’t be described the pain we feel for my aunt and uncle, her strength and happiness for us humbles me and as I sit writing this I am brought to tears. As we came home this afternoon she asked how the scan went after sharing her news I was reluctant to share our good news as I did not want to further upset her and she saw this. She very bravely said “Do not worry and do not be upset, I am blessed and fortunate to have a family who loves me and I am fortunate to be surrounded by your babies who I see every day and who love me just like I’m their mother, your happiness brings joy to my heart, that you do not have to struggle as I have and that you happily take the blessings that god provides brings me joy, anyone having the gift of pregnancy and a baby is a very fortunate person it should be celebrated, I am grateful that I got to say I was pregnant and see a test and experience pregnancy with the twins (miscarried at Christmas) I will cherish those memories”. I write this story due to my own conflicted feelings at my aunt’s struggles and our happy news. To also share how even whilst breast feeding one can become pregnant but mostly because this forum and the network of ladies are so supportive and strong and your strength is exemplified when I consider people like my aunt. I wish all baby dust and ask for prayers for my aunt and my wife and our little baby bean!!!


Congrats to you and your wife! I'll keep your aunty in my prayers.

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