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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 13dpo with absolutely no symptoms

I have just got my bfp on the day AF was due and having spent the whole of the tww desperately symptom spotting and googling everything without any luck. I really wanted to post something to reassure ladies that are currently in the tww that you truely do not need to have any symptoms to still get a bfp. Just to clarify, as sometimes people will say they had no symptoms but then go on to say they had E.G. implantation bleed, increased Cm, sore boobs etc. Until the day my period was due I had no symptoms at all. Trust me I have been ultra vigilant!! No sore or heavy boobs No implantation bleeding No cramps No CM at all No twinges, aches or pains No headaches, sniffles or vivid dreams No bfp until day AF was due I felt 100% normal. I also didn’t get a bfp until the day AF was due (13/14dpo) so you can get negatives before then and still get a bfp. I was absolutely expecting a negative test and was so shocked when the second line appeared. It’s now been a few days and yes I now have sore and heavy boobs and some twinges. Wishing you ladies all the love and luck in the world during your tww. It’s such a stressful time, but I really wanted to let you know if you’re not feeling any symptoms, until AF appears, you 100% still have a chance!! Xxx


I just started my second IUI two days ago and the TWW is so hard. This story give someone like me hope. Congratulations on your BFP! Send us all positive baby vibes.

This is so reassuring to hear! We have been trying for 2 1/2 years. I did clomid day 3-7, trigger shot (ovidrel) on 3/15/2018 and first IUI on 3/17/2018. I am extremely anxious waiting to take a pregnancy test! This will be the longest 2 weeks of my life as my doctor told me to test day 14-15 after IUI. I did cheat and tested yesterday (I know way too early) and it was negative. I guess my body got rid of the HCG a lot faster then I thought it would. Made me sad and then I started reading about everyone else having negative test and then positive so I am hopeful still :) Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!! Congrats again

Hello, I have gone through your post. I can tell how anxious that tww is. No one wants to go through it especially with no signs. Most people are advised to avoid POS. The time is not right. Your mind is not sober and you can keep getting the wrong results. Stress is something to avoid by all means. It can lead to poor attachment of the embryo in the womb. Avoiding to test is the best solution. Ensure you keep yourself distracted. Go for fruits and fresh vegetable shopping. Meet the friends that you have missed over time. I congratulate you for wishing all the ladies in such a wait. Bi o tex com has helped many couples to achieve their dreams. No one should not enjoy parenthood

Pretty symptom-free here, too! Didn't feel a thing at your stage. Googled like mad for first 9 weeks because I felt so 'normal'. Had an early scan because I was so incredulous and disbelieving. Intermittent sore boobs, tiny occasional bouts of nausea. Probably because I was looking for them. And going off my beloved coffee. Blob with hb at 9 weeks. Proper baby-shaped thing 3 weeks later at 12 week scan. Please don't worry that having no symptoms is a bad sign. Because it most definitely isn't. I know it's a worry after mc. I had one at 6 weeks in Jan - and before it happened, I had no preg symptoms, either. Most symptoms like sickness will arrive around 6 weeks, but if you're lucky you Won't get much of anything, like me. Symptoms don't always kick in straightaway. Not until about 8 weeks for me although I'm sure it varies from person to person and indeed pregnancy to pregnancy. Congrats!

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