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BFP after 11months TTC! 35yo It can happen!

Like so many others, this website has been a great source of support and comfort through the many months of TTC. My husband and I are "older" but we're both distance runners and incredibly healthy, so we just assumed it would happen instantly. When it did not, naturally I went through all of the confusion, self-doubt and disappointment so many of you understand. My advice - don't relax. Do all the things that make you feel better for as long as you need, at some point you will get tired and not give up but just let go a bit. That is what happened to me last month. To every woman in her mid 30s, it can and does happen, no matter what you read online! Always have hope. Oh and also - because I was googling it yesterday - I 100% thought AF was on her way yesterday. I had these intense dull achey cramps and thought that was it. Today I woke up and temps were still high and FF said it was test day, so I POAS expecting the usual emotional rollercoaster when you see that stark white to my amazement a big beautiful no questioning BFP was staring back at me!!! I feel so lucky, excited and grateful that I had the TWW stories to read during this last year. My symptoms by DPO: DPO 1-6 - Nothing. The only thing I changed was using CB Monitor in addition to OPK cheapies. This was nice because it made it crystal clear my two most fertile days, highly recommend. I did not temp every day just periodically to check in, after several cycles you learn the general pattern of your temps. Day 7-15 - I had intermittent breast soreness. For those who are searching for this, yes my breast soreness would come and go, some days bad, then would ease off, so don't panic if that happens. The frustrating thing is, that I had breast soreness many times on BFN cycles from 7dpos till AF, so it's not a great indicator for me. I also had varying levels of cramping from 8dpo and definitely bouts of constipation. I also had extreme fatigue the last two days. I kept falling asleep in the middle of the day, not usual for me. That was it! I didn't have any moment where I knew. Like I said, I really thought AF was coming. Good luck and best wishes to all of you!!!


Awwww thank you,  reading your comment has cheered me up a bit. Me and my husband have been ttc for a while now and I really thought this was my month but my bbs now feel normal and not sore at all,  just as I get when af arrives. I'm about 10-11dpo now and af isn't due till the 31st. This wait is killing me!! Ive also had dull cramps the past two days like af is about to come, but I never get af type cramping a week or so before af is due so not sure what's going on. I keep thinking it's going to show every time I go to the bathroom and check!! Your post has given me a bit of hope,  thank you! 

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