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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 3rd IUI, was 100% sure AF was here

Like many of you, I have obsessed over this blog and googled my symptoms like crazy during the 2WW period for over 2 years. I was losing hope. And like many of you, I never thought I would be able to share my story here. The stories I read were so encouraging, but only to a certain degree when you sometimes read them and think to yourself "right, whatever, will never happen to me, SIGH, UGH, etc...." I posted a poll about a week ago regarding my symptoms thus far and asked if I was pregnant. Most said no. Only 1 person said yes. Well guess what, it's a YES! MY SYMPTOMS: 1-3 DPIUI- crampy and super bloated and uncomfortable from the procedure 4-6DPIUI- beginning to develop what I identify as period cramps, very sore boobs, muscle aches 7-9DPIUI- cramps are subsiding, boobs are less sore, now my uterus just feels very achy, like a sore muscle, and like my uterus is screaming out to be shed lol. But, it cannot because I'm on progesterone suppositories which prevents my period from starting. ALSO, my BBT dropped back down. I'm out for sure. One weird thing- I can't poop! I chalk it up to progesterone, but has never been an issue for me. 10-11DPIUI- 100% sure my period is coming. just want to get it over with and stop taking my progesterone so that I can start feeling a little better and move on to the next steps. major meltdown, crying a lot, cramps are returning, I'm waking up to pain in the middle of the night, very classic period cramping symptoms for me. Still can't poop. Have to take milk of magnesia. 12DPIUI- Finally, ready to take a pregnancy test. Took my BBT "just for fun" and it was back up at 98.2. Weird, but still no hope for me I know it. Took the test and had immediate BFP. Lines were super dark. I almost passed out, sobbed uncontrollably, couldn't believe my eyes. Went to the doctor same day for HCG check and confirmed! HCG at 170 and progesterone at 67. Shooting cramps still in my uterus. 12DPIUI- Shooting cramps are subsiding, now I just feel pressure/achiness... kind of like my period again! Can't poop today LOL. 13DPIUI- Going in for a 2nd blood test today and praying my levels double! Please pray for me! My takeaway from all of this is that all those stories I read about people thinking their period was coming and never did- that is ME 100%. I just really thought I knew. I bought tampons, I already accepted it before I took that test. All those years of obsessing over my symptoms---- damn. Now I know that I just really don't know. Now I believe that the symptoms really can be identical. The ONLY difference for me was severe constipation, which can happen with progesterone supplements anyway. I hope this post gives others hope and encouragement just like the ones that did the same for me.


I’m so glad! LOL@ poppier than yours haha. Will send prayers your way as well!

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