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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 5 cycles - Greasy Hair!!!

We’ve only been trying to conceive for a short while compared to lots of other women. Thankfully, it only took us about 5 cycles being deliberate about it (7 or so if you count NTNP), and I’m happy to share my story since I LOVED reading these so much. I had WAY, WAY, WAY more pregnancy symptoms every other month. WAY MORE! Last month, I had sore breasts for 20 days straight (never happened before) and NOTHING! This is also the first month where I didn’t keep a detailed log of my daily symptoms so most of this will be from memory. I'm still very, very early. I am 4 weeks + 3 days, or cycle day 32, as I type this. I typically have 27/28 day cycles but occaisionally they last 30 or 31 days. Anyways, following is what you came here for: I believe we conceived on August 5 or CD 15. This month, I did not temp or use OPKs. For the most part, my GLOW app has been pretty accurate when it comes to my fertile window so I just went with it. Not exactly sure why, but I guess I was sick of peeing on sticks and sticking with the thermometer. I also had to travel on the final day of my fertile window (again, according to GLOW) so I didn’t even have much faith in our ability to actually successfully do it anyways. We had sex on CD 12, 14, 15, and 16. Things we did differently this month were: • PreSeed! We used it every time we had sex this month. • Less stress! You’ve heard it a million times, but we just had a lot more fun (not even talking about the sex, necessarily). • More communication! This was the first month I told my husband what days I wanted to have sex. Probably seems obvious and people already do this, but I was trying to not freak him out by giving him every detail of my cycle every month before. • Had sex on the (assumed) last day of the fertile window! Every other month, we had sex for three straight days, but never on the last day as we were just over it/out of energy. O Day/CD 15 – Went to a Bruno Mars concert, and had what I thought were ovulation pains while we were there. Otherwise, nothing special to report. 1 DPO - BD before heading to the airport. Had a long day, so felt tired but nothing unusual. 2 DPO - Woke up early for work. Still pretty tired (or so I attributed) from the travel day. Went to the bathroom, and had the most EWCM I’d ever had when I wiped. So much so I convinced myself that we missed O day. Pretty down for the rest of the day. Some cramping throughout the day further convinced me of this. 3 DPO – Woke up early for work and planned on skipping washing my hair but couldn’t because it was SO greasy. I have really fine hair, so the most I can skip is one day at max. But this was too greasy to pass for a work day. Noticed my face was extra oily that day, too. My glasses were sliding down my nose a lot! Took a bubble bath before bed in the super awesome tub in my suite. I only lasted a few minutes before getting so uncomfortable from being hot that I had to jump in the shower. CM is white + stretchy (like EWCM but white, not clear), and this is something I haven’t seen before. 4 DPO – Final travel day for work. Noted the greasy hair again. Flew directly from this event to my family reunion. Noticed I had a random sore on the middle of my tongue. Assumed I burned it that day. CM is white + stetchy. 5 DPO – Was pretty cranky upon waking up but chalked it up to being sleepy. Woke up to a second sore on my tongue. These were not like canker sores – they felt like burns – but thought it was my cycle just acting up. I was on the last few days of a two-week antibiotic at this point. Ended up taking it on an empty stomach (on accident!) and I got so nauseous I had to lay down for a couple of hours. Spent the day outside with family and didn’t notice much else. CM is white + stretchy. 6 DPO – Didn’t notice much. It was in the afternoon sometime when I remember someone commenting on my greasy hair. None of us took showers that morning since we were all playing yard games, drinking, swimming, etc. Must have been really greasy!! Started noticing a LOT of burping this day. 7 DPO – Nothing to report except the burping and maybe a hint of increased appetite. Again, I was outside keeping myself busy all day so this could have been why. Plus it was my family reunion and there is a lot of eating going on. And, with that, lots of burping. Sores are completely gone! 8 DPO – I drank two bottles of water right before going to bed last night and woke up to a SUPER dry mouth and throat. Have a 7-hour drive home and I’m in a pretty good mood. Notice that I’m wiping my face a lot because I’m really oily. Yep, still burping – and very hungry, and now very thirsty. CM is white + stretchy. 9 DPO – I feel pregnant today. I took the day off from work and spent the ENTIRE day sleeping. The biggest thing I notice this day is a heavy feeling in my uterus. Almost as if there is a bubble in there. Took a test though and BFN. I see the shadow of a line. I’ve seen so many stark negatives that for the first time I start to feel like this could be it. And because I’m a POAS, I took another test that day but same thing. This wasn’t a VVVVVFL, this was a shadow of a VVVVVFL if you get my drift. A sane person (haha) would have let it go for a few days. Period is 3 days away and my boobs aren’t sore. That’s not typical for me! Increased burping, hunger and thirst again. CM is white + stretchy. 10 DPO (CD 25) – I wake up nervous-excited to take a test bc I just have a feeling it’s going to be positive. At the 3 min mark, there’s a super faint line. I go wake up my husband to tell him, and he can’t see a thing. He even shined a flashlight on it but couldn’t see it. He told me I was nuts and that I invented it. But I know he is wrong. I took another one at lunch and BAM! It’s an official VVFL. Faint, but it’s there! In the middle of a meeting, I have to leave to go to the bathroom urgently. Diarrhea?! Out of No.Where. Took another test that night and yep, another faint positive! This time I have enough evidence to convince my husband. Boobs still not sore. AT ALL. Increased burping, hunger and thirst again. CM is white + stretchy. Today I start to feel breathless after minor activity. 11 DPO – Today I waited until 5:30 p.m. to take a test, and on a 3-hour hold, I get a BFP! I ended up taking 9 tests … yes, 9 tests!!!!! The first dark positive didn’t happen until 12 DPO and was even a tad stronger at 14 DPO. I THINK I’m finally convinced. Long story short: The things that tipped me off were: • greasy hair and oily face • heavy feeling in my uterus • total lack of sore breasts • increased burping + hunger + thirst (although this was dismissed at the time) • White + stretchy CM – I’d never had this before. It’s always been either/or for me. At CD 32, I’ve had cramping (like a strong period), sore breasts, FATIGUE!!!!!!!!!!!, and am still very hungry and thirsty. Did I mention TIRED?!?! Typically, a heavy coffee drinker, I barely have an appetite for it. I’ve been crying at the drop of a hat over the smallest things. Oh, and if I’ll get nauseous if I let myself get too hungry. I can’t wait to tell people. We aren’t telling our family until after the first scan, which is still about 4 weeks away. I’ll be 9 weeks then. It’s still very surreal. Good luck to all. Hang in there.

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