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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 5 months!

Hi! Glad to be able to post now to help some women who are where I was just a week ago! I stopped bc around 5 months ago after quite a few years on it so it took me some time to realize what were normal af symptoms and what weren't for me.  I am 21, DH is 27 and this is my first and his second. I have a 30 day cycle which seems pretty regular. I am not exactly sure when I ovulated because I didn't use opk's or basil body temps. I checked cm and cervical position though.

4 dpo - really weird jelly like blobs of cm accompanied by major cramps, which I never get, that lasted two to three days. This was my first clue because it resembled the consistency of a mucus plug, but I dismissed it for fear of getting my hopes up plus it seemed a bit early. Cervix hard and high with creamy cm. A bit constip.

8 dpo - Nipple tenderness which I thought was because of approaching af although it was a bit soon compared to previous cycles. Cervix high and hard with lots of creamy cm.

9 dpo - I thought I noticed my nips darkening a bit but I thought I was over thinking it again. Nips still sore and boobs beginning to become sore as well. I noticed when I brushed my teeth the there was blood and continued to notice this every few days. This has happened before but not as frequently. My arms and legs would get tingly often even when they weren't above my heart which I found odd.

10 dpo - headaches which I NEVER get. sore boobs and sorer nips. cervix high and hard with creamy cm. Also spurts of emotional overwhelmingness over the littlest things.  HPT neg. Really gave up on being prego this cycle. Won't test again because I'm sure af is coming.

15 dpo- cervix high and hard but it's always high from ovulation to af. AF due today but no sign! I have been a few days late before so tried not to think anything of it.

Around 16 dpo - The fourth of July and had a drink, and felt for the first time a bit of nausea! didn't think to much of it because a lot was going on at the time.

The next day I was running errands and half assed decided to grab a dollar store test even though I didn't want to waste more money and time just for more disappointment. I took it and of course it was a negative, but wait... a few seconds later I swear it a BFaintP!!!!!!!! I absolutely did not believe it! I went straight to the internet looking like crazy about what a faint line meant and everything said it was still a positive!I looked at that test about a million times in all sorts of lighting and it was definitely there. Asked a freind if she could see it and she said a lil but take another test. I thought I should wait till FMU tomorrow but said what the heck and splurged  on FRER test and what do you know... A BFP!!!! I looked at that one a million times every five minutes just to try to convince myself that I am actually pregnant now! I am now 5 weeks and still have really sore nips and boobs, DH says they're bigger too. I have slight nausea,headaches and am tierd a lot. cervix still high and hard but little watery cm to none lately. Thanks to all the tww symptoms I obsessed over the last five months!! Good luck to all, sincerely ! BABYDUST!!

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