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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after lots of prayer!

Oh my, this board has been a life saver for me. Yes, complete stalker here as far as reading, analyzing, and hoping my symptoms would line up to everyone elses and that I would finally get my BFP. DH is 35, I am 34. We had 3 kids under 3 but for the past 2+ years I really wanted to add to our squad. 6 months after I had my 3rd child (3 years ago), I had a softball sized cystadenoma on my ovary, which led to emergency surgery and the loss of both my left ovary and tube. It was devastating to say the least, and I thought my chances of becoming pregnant again would be slim and on top of that, I also have excruciating pain daily due to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome- so my odds weren't looking great. I know I am very blessed to have my 3 beautiful children, and I am very sympathetic to anyone that is still trying and my heart goes out to all women TTC. With that said, we were trying for about 6+ months. I started losing hope because my first 3 were back to back so this was weird for us. I was seriously obsessing so much, taking 9237492347 pregnancy tests a month, stalking all these boards, and I finally realized I needed to turn to God, so I began giving up all control over to God and kept telling myself and my DH that God is the one who opens and closes the womb. Therefore, if God thinks I can handle another child (physically/emotionally lol) and if the baby would be ok and healthy, that then he will bless me with another child, if the odds were stacked against me, if my body and health couldn't withstand another pregnancy, if the baby wouldn't be healthy etc.. then he would not bless me with another one, and if that were going to be the case then I would find peace with that because there would be REASONS why he would close my womb. Ok, on to the good stuff..all my crazy signs and symptoms that may or may not be attributed to my BFP. My cycles are usually 28-34 days so it just totally depends. I believe I ovulated around CD 15/16 (I don't temp but based on when I would have gotten pregnant due to doing the BD on CD 15)..On CD 16 I woke up with a severe sore throat like omg never felt that pain before. CD 17 I was definitely coming down with a cold. The other creepy thing was when I went into my 3 year olds room in the morning to wake her up, the first thing she said to me was "mommy do you have a baby in your belly" I was literally baffled lol. I actually recorded her saying the same thing later in the afternoon- mind you this was 2 days after having sex and wayyy before a BFP. On CD 18 I had a "Its a BOY" dream which was odd, I don't usually have these typs of dreams unless I am pregnant. From CD 18-23 I was still pretty sick- cough/congestion. CD 23 I remember bending over at night to clean up and when I stood up straight I got light headed, to where I had to think if I had eaten recently- and I had- so that was strange for me. CD 24 Dizzy again when got up from my bed too quickly. I started to get pimples which is rare for me. My biggest symptom was crying at the women's world cup soccer game when Press scored!! WTF. haha! That is super weird for me to be emotional especially while watching a soccer game! CD 25 still emotional. CD 28 (July 6, I woke up to a dream of a blue stork- strange!) I still had not taken a pregnancy test. I was so scared and nervous. I did not want to be let down again and what would be the odds that I would get a BFP this month. Around 2pm this day too I remember sitting down (TMI) and all of a sudden a gush of something- thinking it was the wicked witch coming- but stook up and it was creamy yellowish CM- quite a bit. Finally, that same day (CD28)- I took a test at like midnight. I couldn't take it anymore and I could barely sleep. BOOM- BFP!! I was in absolute shock and tears streamed down my face as I was hiding in my bathroom trying not to wake DH!!! I seriously think I took 4 more tests to just make sure- and could not believe what I was seeing. Baby dust to all you women out there, and sometimes when you finally realize who is really in control is when it happens- give it up to God, I truly believe this was the difference this time. Don't forget, everything is in God's perfect timing <3
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Hello and huge congratulations, thank you for sharing, I could really use some advice, I'm now 43, we decided we want a baby or 2 lol, ttc a year now, I have one son 25 years old and my husband also has a boy 27 years old, I had my last period 29th June, I'm never late with regular cycles, about 3 days after that period ended we had intercourse x 1 as I have a feeling I ovulate early and decided to stop following apps, the following morning I had spotting which I found very strange as I never spot after a period, I guess it was the intercourse and so soon after period stopped, the spotting lasted about a week stopping and starting, I wasn't expecting af as I thought I had longer bleeding so my next period would be late but I actually missed last months period so I put that down to the longer bleed, however I have had sore breasts and dizzy after standing up and feeling faint past few weeks, nausea came today, my breasts are heavy and fuller still a little tender sore, some facial flushing today but the strangest thing is I have had no cm, completly dry, I always spot brown cm before af religiously every month but zero since before 29th June period, feeling hot after waking up, I'm not charting just checked temp last 2 mornings as feeling hot, took opk as app says I'm close to ovulation, for 4 days wednesday to saturday flashing smiley face on CB opk, took pregnancy test last Tuesday at docs and early Wednesday morning at home but both negative, I feel different this time, i can't remember my last pregnancy symptoms 25 years ago lol but one thing that definitely sticks in my memory is I tested with a home pregnancy test then which was negative and when my then boyfriend brought me to the gp I was over 3 months pregnant with DS, anyone have these signs and still get bfp

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