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BFP after vas reversal and iui

SO here it is! My bfp story! WHat! I'm going to be honest and say that I didn't see this happening. I was at my breaking point. I was sick of the meltdowns every month and sick of people looking at me like they are sad for me. I will never forget how hard infertility is. my husband had his reversal feb of 2014. We conceived oct of 2015! It took time to be able to have the money for the surgery. Of course, insurance wont cover anything to do with conceiving but will pay 100% on birth control! Ugh! Ok here is how this cycle went... C3-C7 I took femera and my prenatal vitamin before bed. p.s Femera was great for me! Clomid was bad! I did 5 months of Clomid (3- 50mg and 2-100mg) I lost my mind. It works for people and my body did what it was suppose to but I was losing my mind. Cd 12- Ultrasound of follicles one was 18mm and one was 26mm! I triggered shot that night. cd13- My first iui was done at noon! DH sperm was 8.6 total motile sperm. I believe they said they want it to be b/w 5-10. It didn't hurt at all! Everything went good. I did though ask the tech if there was enough sperm in the cup and embarrassed my poor DH. Geeze, there was nothing I wouldn't do to make this happen while still in the back of my head i had all the doubt in the world. cd 24- = :( :(. I was silly to do this but I told myself that it will be ok (So I thought I did) Took at prego test that afternoon and BPN! I lost my s**t! I have to say that ranked top 3 meltdowns. Cd 27- This day would make me 14 DPO but I didn't take a test. I was over it this month and decided I was going to wait till after the first of the year to even think about trying again after that meltdown I had. Cd 28- I woke up, no period, no symptoms of nothing, and decided to use morning pee bc I didn't do that on that Tuesday. I got in the shower and didn't think nothing else about that test. 20 mins later is when I went and checked it, 2 Lines! BFP! I yelled for my dh to hurry in there. Our faces were in shocked. It was a cheepy test and my expensive test froze up and didn't work. I went and bought another one and another BFP! Now that I am one week away from being in my second trimester I look back at what infertility done to me and how it tore my dh apart to. I wish couples didn't have to go through this. I still look at my bfp test that i have in a picture and think about how much i just needed to see that. People would tell me just stop pushing it so hard and it will happen., I dont believe that still to this day. I feel like God knew when it was going to be our turn but I needed to meet certain people ( fertility clinic) to get us where we are today. Its going to happen for you like it finally has for us! Baby dust!
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Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

your story gives me hope! My husband had a vas reversal in Feb 2014 also. We conceived in May 2015 via IUI yet lost that pregnancy to T21 at 14 weeks :-). After some time off we are trying again. This past IUI was not successful and now going in for round 2. I'm terrified it won't work. This is just the hardest thing. Such a long road for us. I wish it could be easier but it is SO HARD. I look forward to a time when tears dont well up on a daily basis.

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