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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 10DPO! Symptoms by DPO

I stalked these boards during our time TTC and wanted to add my very well documented symptoms. For the past year, my PMS has gotten worse and seems to have been different each month, thus driving me crazy! I've had one ovary removed and a history of functional, yet painful and large ovarian cysts. The ovary that was removed was due to an emergency surgery from a ruptured and bleeding cyst. I passed out and woke up in the ER from blood loss (thought I had the flu!). Anyway, my PMS symptoms were getting so bad that I just knew I was pregnant every month. I would get dizzy, nausea, sore boobs, headaches/ migraines, weak when standing, peeing a lot, literally everything for two weeks starting right after ovulation. I ended up taking iron which helped with most of those symptoms. Ladies, if you're getting these symptoms every month you may be anemic like me and take a multivitamin and some iron. We began TTC 6 months ago, however my husband had a condition that I had never heard of before. We're both 33. I found out that he was orgasming when we had sex, but not ejaculating. He says he thinks it just came from trying not to get anyone pregnant for so long. It was like a mental hurdle. After months of him getting so frustrated during sex that he couldn't get off at all, we decided to try using a syringe. That didn't work. My guess is that it didn't get far enough in there and that in the process we may have been damaging the sperm. Finally, he was able to ejaculate manually near my vagina which ended up with him basically forcing himself to ejaculate inside me. Like I said, I've had the opposite problem my whole life and thought it was nuts. I guess overthinking and all... who knows. Anyways, the first month that he was able to do it, we got pregnant! 1-4 DPO: No symptoms other than on 3 dpo I had EWCM and was worried that I got ovulation date wrong. Apparently that is caused by an estrogen surge that happens around that time. 5DPO: Light cramps, severe food cravings (specifically white wedding cake), dizziness, extremely tired, peeing more than usual, headache/ migraine, no sex drive. 6DPO: Woke up with acne (I never get acne, just maybe a few pimples during pms), sore boobs, started mixing words up like my brain wasn't working properly, more exhausted, peeing a lot, headaches/ migraine worse, gas and fibromyalgia flared up. Made a note that I was feeling like I might be pregnant, not because of symptoms but just a feeling. Had a 2 minute pinch in uterus area. Was freezing that day, which is odd for me. Sneezing and blowing my nose a lot. 7DPO: Ovary pain, severe backache, insomnia, fibro still flared up (hurt everywhere), boobs still sore, constipated, cramps but not like period cramps. Still craving that cake. Dizzy, Tired, headache and peeing a lot. Nausea, peeing a lot and having hot flashes. I had another 2 minute pinching in the exact same spot of uterus. Temp was up to 99.3. Cried over tv shows 3 times. 8DPO: Cried while watching The Mindy Project, digestive issues and belly feels weird. Still sore boobs, bad sleep, tired, peeing a lot, nausea, hot flashes, no sex drive, and really bad cramps. 9DPO: Very tired. Can't stand for long. Hip and lower back pain severe and shooting down inner thighs. It was so bad I was covered in ice packs and heating pads. Couldn't get comfortable. Heat and ice didn't help the pain. Nearly fell asleep in the store. I had to sit down because I was overheating and dizzy, so I sat in a chair and nearly fell asleep! Mixing up words so bad I feel like I have a brain injury. I would say something like "I love you" and it would come out "I shirt you". It was strange and frustrating! Still peeing a lot, tired and sore boobs. 10DPO: I woke up listening to my husband's dream about zombies. I got pissed off because I felt like it was a childish dream and that he has never gone through anything bad (I've had a rough life and have PTSD). I was just oddly pissed and normally even during PMS I'm not angry at him. I'll cuss someone out in traffic, get involved in a Facebook fight or something silly during PMS but this was like sheer rage directed at him. We somehow ended up talking about dogs, or rather I was. I love my dog and started crying over how dogs are so good that humans don't deserve them. This was all ridiculous. My dog is getting older and he's not a fan of dogs (fear from being but when he was little). I was so mad and so sad at the same time. We had a fight over dogs because he said he doesn't want another dog after mine dies and I started defending my unborn (and unknown about) child's future non-existent dog! I was like "my child will have a puppy brother!!" and stormed out. It was so ridiculous and unlike me. I even started questioning my decision to marry someone who doesn't love dogs. Had bad ovary pain, all the other symptoms like getting words mixed up, hot flashes, can't stand for long, tired, sore boobs, peeing a lot, gas, vague nausea. After I had already peed 5 times before lunch I decided to go take the pregnancy test under the sink. It was from the dollar store and I didn't expect it to work. I walked away from it because I didn't want to watch it. When I came back there was a very visible yet faint line. BFP!! (Apologized to husband and told him the good news!) Since then I have had the main symptoms listed still (hot flashes, can't stand for long periods of time, peeing a lot, sore boobs, hungry). Very excited and I feel like it's a girl! We'll see. It ended up that over-thinking the possible pregnancy symptoms was a waste. The actual symptoms I had were that of implantation (which lasted 3 days), the rest caused by progesterone. Only had a few weird symptoms such as the wedding cake craving (which resulted in a trip to the bakery two days in a row), the sneezing, the hilarious crying episodes (which still could all be normal for the TWW. The main symptoms that told me I was pregnant were the not being able to stand for long without needing to sit and sweating in the stores and also my brain not working!


Also I should add that in case you missed it, the BFP on 10 DPO was no where near first AM urine and I still got a pretty strong yet faint line.

Congratulations. Hope the ptsd and fibro keep their heads down. Happy and healthy nine months.

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