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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 11dpo - few real symptoms - TTC month 2

This is going to be a bit long so grab a drink or a snack :) I know pretty much everyone starts off like this... but I can’t believe I’m writing my BFP story on here! I would read the BFP stories on here every single day, some dating back to 2011 (!) and just dream of the day I saw those two beautiful pink lines.. and now I have! I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, EDD 12th December 2019. This was the second month TTC for baby #1 for my husband and I, and I can’t believe it happened so quick for us. I hate saying this because it’s so cliché... but I truly do feel blessed. I want to post my story to help out other TTCers in their tww because I had little symptoms that were not AF symptoms and truly thought AF was on the way. Honestly, I’ve had more “pregnancy” symptoms during months when I wasn’t pregnant. Okay, so now onto the good stuff. I used a mix of OPKs (Clearblue digital ovulation tests) and period tracking apps (Flo and Ovia). Usually the apps are pretty accurate but this cycle I ovulated late, got a flashy smiley (‘high’ fertility) on CD16,17 and peak solid smiley on CD 18 (ewcm) and ovulation cramps on CD 19. We BD’d CD 11, 14, 16, 18, 19. Now on to symptoms by DPO... 1dpo - gassy, small ewcm but mostly watery cm, cp medium and soft. 2dpo - slight constipation, creamy/lotion cm, gassy. 3dpo - same 4dpo - constipation, gassy, lots of creamy/lotion cm. 5dpo - stuffy nose like hay fever, constipation, gassy, headache and in the afternoon I had cramps that felt like period cramps. 6dpo - gassy, sticky cm, terrible gas, irritable and super low and hard cervix. 7dpo - vivid dreams (not unusual for this time in my cycle), felt a weird bubble/butterfly feeling in my stomach when I woke up but figured it was just gas, very bloated, big bowel movement and no cm when wiping. During the day I was eating potato chips on the couch (feeling sorry for myself because I felt ‘out’) and a huge glob of saliva just fell out of my mouth. At 7.30pm I felt this weird wave of warmth on the right side of my stomach/uterus area, I can’t explain it other than just this wave of warmth that lasted a minute. Looking back this might have been implantation? 8dpo - vivid dream of taking a FRER and a digital and one said Error and one said Yes. The usual dragging/uncomfortable feeling like AF is on her way. Skin felt warm and I also had a slight thrush-like feeling downstairs (itchy and uncomfortable). Caved and took a FRER at 5pm BFN. Increased smell (could smell my husband’s lingering body odour on the couch after he came home from football training). Sensitive teeth and emotional (teary when watching a reality Paramedic show on TV). 9dpo - full feeling, extremely gassy, loose BM, thrush-like feeling still there, blue veins noticeable on chest however I am quite fair skinned so they are often noticeable (plus last month I was convinced that my large blue veins on my chest and through my nipples meant I was pregnant... and I wasn’t, I’m just pale!). Heaviness in utuerus like AF coming. Burped on and off which is very unusual for me, I’m not a burper. 10dpo - slight nausea at times throughout the day. CP low and hard, cm sticky. Uncomfortable period feeling, tummy pains. Increased appetite and moody. Also, this was really weird and TMI so apologies - at 10.30am I was out shopping in a homewares store and suddenly I had this huge cramp in my tummy like I was about to have diarrhea. I had to race home (luckily I was only a 5-10min drive away) and had diarrhea. 11dpo (day my period was due however I ovulated two days later than previous cycles so who knows) - I woke up at 2am needing to pee, went back to sleep after and had vivid dreams. When I woke up I had cramps and was gassy, weird gas bubbles like popping in my belly. At 8am I got up to have a shower, I was convinced AF was coming but thought I’d take a FRER anyway just to see... and when I got out of the shower and glanced at the test as I walked past I did one of those cartoon double-takes - there was a clear pink second line! I was in total shock. Took a clearblue digital with conception indicator with the same sample and it said Pregnant 1-2weeks! So to recap - my only real symptoms were extreme gas (honestly next level gas, it was insane), bloating, increased hunger, and the weird bowel issues. Since then my boobs have slowly been getting more tender and are definitely getting bigger, my nipples are enlarged, my hair is oilier than normal, increased appetite, I get fatigue around 4pm and have even had a tiny nap a few afternoons, and I am slightly more irritable/moody than normal (although I think if you asked my husband he would say a lot more than normal haha). I still can’t believe I’m pregnant! I’m crossing every finger and toe for a happy healthy sticky little bub.. I’ve been taking FRERs every now and then to make sure my lines are progressing and today at 19dpo the line was so much darker than the control so I’m happy with that! I also ate pineapple core from 1dpo-7dpo... I have no idea if that’s just an old wives tale or if it really does help with implantation, but considering I got pregnant this month I’ll be advocating for TTCers to do so too! Can’t hurt right :) I just want to say for all those CP checkers out there - my CP is still on the lower side and med/hard, so CP is not a reliable indicator..or at least for me it wasn’t. Again, I know we were really lucky to fall pregnant on the second month of trying, I am extremely thankful and just wish all the best to every single person who is TTCing. Good luck to everyone!

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