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BFP (diagnosed with DOR) with second IUI

Finally got my BFP 10dpiui after second IUI (first IUI was chemical). Here is quick rundown of my fertility journey.. Late 2013 - went off birth control pills. My husband and I start casually trying... 2014 - diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve right after my 30th birthday 2014 - 2016 - took a break from trying. We got married and bought a house! 2016 - ready to get in the game after prepping my mind and body December 2016 - first injectable IUI cycle January 4th, 2017 - first IUI (one 20mm follicle after 16 days! of stimming with 300units of follistim nightly) January 6th, 2017 - started 300mg a day progesterone suppositories (hated them!!) January 18th - BFP! Beta # 1=36 Beta #2= 58 Beta #3=96 Beta #4=50 (diagnosed with chemical pregnancy) February - new cycle started BCP's February 23rd - started 225 am/pm follistim and 10units am/pm lupron March 7th - 2nd iui (19mm, 15mm, 18mm & 13mm) March 17th - faint BFP 10dpiui March 19th - darker line BFP! March 20th - BFP on digital!! Beta scheduled for Tuesday a.m.! I would be happy to chat with anyone regarding things I did/didn't do to prep my body for the iui cycles!!!!
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That's so exciting!  Congragulations!  What were some of your symptoms?  I had my IUI done on the 10th of March and planning on testing tomorrow!

Hi! Thank you so much. My beta just came back = 188!!! My symptoms started 2 days after the IUI and I had extremely sore breasts (still do!). 3-5dpiui - felt crampy and 'full'. Tired. vivid dreams.    7dpiui I had sharp pains in my ovaries (implantation?) and was 'crampy' off an on all day. 8dpiui my lower back began to hurt. Had a dream that I had a positive digital pregnancy test! 9dpiui - my accupuncturist said something felt different in my pulse! 10dpiui - got a faint (squinter really) line on a test  11dpiui - woke up and (TMI) threw up in my mouth. Nausea and food aversion began... line was darker on test 12dpiui - back pain, tired, food aversion  13dpiui - Beta!! 188!  Wishing you the best for tomorrow!!! 

hello  congrats , really happy for you :) can you please tell me the things that you did/didn't to prep your body for this iui cycle?   thank you 

Hi!  Here is a list of things that I did/did not do and if I think they influenced my ability to get pregnant  1. Accupuncture 2x/month. I could only afford 2x/month but would have gone more if I could have. My accupuncturist is a dear friend and she gave me a generous sliding scale. This helped relieve stress and prepared my body to regulate hormones etc.  2. Chinese herbs. Not sure how much these helped but I took them every day for 2 years.  3. DHEA - I took 75mg/day for 6 months prior to my first IUI. These I think helped my egg reserve and the quality of my eggs.  4. Ubiquinol - I took 200mg/day for the 6 weeks in between my IUI's. I would have taken this at least 6 months prior to my first IUI if I had known about it!!!  4a. I also took Vitaim D and a prenatal every day for the 6 months before my first IUI  5. Fertility smoothie - flax milk, banana, 1tbspn peanut butter, 1tsp royal jelly, scoop of wheat grass and 1tsp of maca, - this helped regulate my hormones and was a healthy snack!  6. Talk therapy - saw a therapist 2x/month to discuss stress/anxiety related to infertility. This helped so much!!  7. The most important thing that I did was clean up my diet. I am already dairy free (have been for 5 years) but I stopped drinking all caffeine (cut out soda 6 years ago but cut out black tea) all processed foods and sugars. I made myself breakfast, healthy snacks and lunch every day and my husband (who is a chef) cooked us a well-balanced protein rich meal each night. I only drank water during IUI cycles and completely cut alcohol out of my diet as well.  8. Meditation- I meditated each morning in the room that will now be the nursery. I visualized each step of my cycle (so for instance 7dpiui I visualized implantation). I am still doing this and I love the routine and the way that I feel after meditating. I started saying positive affirmations ("my uterus is ready, my lining is thick, my body is accepting and ready to nourish a baby). This step helped so much!  9. I started talking about my journey with close friends. It helped to have support!!!  10. My husband and I put a limit on how much time we would spend talking about infertility treatment/infertility/my symptoms during the TWW. We agreed on 5 minutes per day unless something important came up. This allowed us to focus on having fun in our marriage and took away a lot of stress!  11. I put my trust in my RE after my first IUI resulted in a CP. When I first met with her, she stressed the egg donor would be the only way that I could become pregnant. After my CP, she began to trust that my body could do this and so I began to trust her. The nurses at my RE office were wonderful and I asked them 100000000 questions!  - I think that is mainly it... it has been a long journey and I have my fingers crossed that this babe sticks! Second beta is tomorrow :) 

waw that is so amazing! I am doing almost most of the stuff you listed thank God, I prey to God this time it will be sucess. Thank you and all the best for you and your baby, happy safe pregnancy to you and me and all :)

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