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BFP Finally After 10 Months of Pre-AF Spotting. Thoughts and Symptoms

Hello ladies, Sorry this is a real essay... I have been a serial lurker on here for a while now and wanted to share my experience to give some hope to other ladies out there who might also be suffering from the dreaded pre period spotting. Before the birth of my daughter I had experienced fairly regular cycles of around 30-32 days and once I had completely finished breastfeeding (when she was 15 months) they snapped back immediately into a 28 day period with a 5 day bleed which I thought was wonderful. About Feb this year (coincidentally when my husband and I decided to try for #2) I started getting spotting a few days before AF started. Over the months this had started to increase and last month I had spotting (ranging from bright red blood when wiping, to brown stringy mucous, to nothing then back the next day) on cd21 which was 7dpo. From Feb I was charting, taking vitamins like B50 Complex, looked into progesterone cream not to mention convincing myself I had implantation bleeding every single month. Every month I felt exhausted, emotional, disappointed and bewildered by the fact that I was spotting and my periods seemed to be getting heavier and more full of clots. I also felt that ovulation was getting more painful and there would be days in my cycle where I would feel exhausted and sick through the back ache or stomach cramps. I eventually booked an appointment with my GP who told me to go away for another 8 months. I knew from my temps that I was ovulating and although we were clearly trying for another baby, by this point I just wanted to ensure that I did not have a health issue that was causing these changes to my periods which I felt certain was linked to my inability to conceive. He was dismissive and pretty much refused any investigation and left me feeling deflated. Luckily a friend of mine whose father is a retired GP urged me to to go for a second opinion and this time the doctor did not hesitate in sending me for tests. She sent me for blood tests, Pap test, pelvic examination and sonograms. She did say that she was not worried about the fertility side but wanted to get to the bottom of the changes in periods. She also told me to put down the thermometer, opks etc and just dtd twice a week and that would cover it. Well it turns out she was right because this was the month we conceived! Since I was not temping I can't say exactly when I ovulated but I felt the usual pains around cd 16/17. CD21: No spotting. Scared to check cervix but buckle and am relieved to find no blood just creamy CM but not copious amounts CD 22 - 26: Exactly like PMT: cramps, backache, irritability, weepiness and tiredness but no spotting! CD27 - Still no spotting and now symptoms have lifted a bit. Feel the odd twang in boobs but can't say they are sore. Buckle and test in the afternoon with dye test and see the faintest of faint lines but it was not enough to convince me. Don't have another pregnancy test so controversially do an opk and it reads positive. Have wicked back pain in bed at night that feels exactly like period is coming. Feel deflated. CD28 - Day of AF test with a digital and it says: 'not pregnant' BFN. Beyond gutted. Check cervix and it has almost vanished. Creamy CM but again not loads and loads. The thing that gives me hope is that I am constipated which never happens only when pregnant. Out of curiosity do another OPK and the test comes back positive almost straight away. CD 29 - Still constipated and a little crampy but in ovary region which I thought was weird? Test with second digital BFN! CD 30 - Test at 9pm out of sheer desperation and get a faint but definitely present BFP!!!! CD32 - Test mid morning with Clear blue digital test and it says Pregnant 1-2 weeks! CD37 - Tested lunch time with same test as above and got result: Pregnant 2-3 weeks! What I did differently this month: stopped drinking caffeine and limited dairy and tried to eat lots of veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, chicken and fish with minimal wheat too. Please don't get me wrong, I still ate the cookies my daughter and I made and had a few bagels and the odd bar of chocolate when needed but in general just tried to flood my body with natural, organic good stuff! I also stopped charting, dtd when inspired to do it :-) and made sure my OH and I took time out for ourselves this month not just scheduling in times in the bedroom!. So conclusions I drew from the last hellish ten months is: 1. Spotting does not always mean you have low progesterone/short luteal phase/underlying infertility issues. You can still spot and get pregnant 2. Stress is a massive inhibitor for fertility. I know loads of women who chart and it works great from them and they like the feeling of knowing their own body. I think it is SO IMPORTANT that as women we know how our bodies work and are in tune with ourselves through our cycles but for me temping and doing OPks each month made me feel incredibly stressed. My OH works away quite a bit so perhaps the whole timing thing completely overtook my brain. All I know was the baby dancing we did the month we conceived was so much more enjoyable and bonding than all the previous months. 3. The internet is abound with lucky women who get their bfp on 9/10 dpo. So much so that when I got my negative the day before AF was due I was ready to chuck in the towel. Don't. As I have heard so many times: it ain't over till AF shows her face. We might O later than we think, or sometimes it takes a while for our bodies to make enough hCG. 4. I am not in any way advocating the use of OPKs as pregnancy testing. I have read the peeonastick article plus numerous others BUT for me it showed up a result before the digital pregnancy test. This is however perhaps because I know from previous hopeful cycles that I never get a positive OPK that near or on the day of my period. I really, genuinely wish anyone who is reading this fretting all the luck and joy in the world and hope
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Thank you for your story! Wishing you sticky babydust and a h&h 9 months :)

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am just about ready to give up myself...and I need to stop obsessing and just put my faith in God! Your story has given me hope...thank you!  Good luck in your nine months! And Congratulations! 

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