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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 11 DPO - Odd symptom: Nesting.

Been TTC for 2 years after having an “oops” pregnancy 5 years ago. Was dx with PCOS last September but mild. What we did differently: Him: Clean eating, Her: No antihistamines or decongestants, quit smoking, lost some weight, keto diet, decaf green tea, OPKs. BD on days 17, 18, 21 using tiny bit of preseed vaginally (otherwise it’s like slip-n-slide!) CD 21- O day – OPK+. CM is watery and egg white, dull pelvic and backache, gassy, headache. We BD with preseed. 1 DPO - CM EW but cloudy.... is that due to semen? Tingle/pricky/poke feeling outside of right BB at same time as Rt ovary twinges 730pm. By evening CM was a combo of stretchy clear with cloudy and small globs of sticky. 2 DPO – CM sticky, ovary/pelvic aches on Rt side, dull backache, constipation 3 DPO – CM sticky, increased CM, bloated, gassy, pelvic and backache, a minor pelvic pull when at the dinner table as I changed positions. 4 DPO – CM sticky, CP low w/ medium texture, increased CM, constipation, irritable, NESTING (odd sx for me) – I was cleaning for my DD’s bday and I ended up totally gutting and repurposing a closet and our office. I became very irritable when she wanted to help and I essentially yelled at her for no reason during my cleaning binge. I later apologized and she asked if we could be friends again :’( 5 DPO – CM sticky, CP med/med, bloated, constipation, light cramps, full breasts, tender breasts (a couple days late. I usually have sensitive BBS around 2-3 DPO), noticed a vein in my chest I’ve never seen before (on my areola). 6 DPO – CM creamy, CP low w/ med texture, bloated, gassy, ovary twinges, full and tender breasts, irritable, dreams. Felt like a normal PMS day. Nested again. Weird. Became obsessed with cleaning the dishwasher so it won’t leave soap scum on my dishes. Felt somewhat frantic and panicky. Husband made a joke/comment and I told him I was feeling a little edgy and I just wanted people to be nice to me? 8pm dull pelvic aching with some pressure/ballooning feeling. At 9pm some sharp ovary pains on right. 7 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, pelvic/ovary aches on Rt side, really tender BBs last night but not so bad today, feeling out but I know this pelvic ache isn’t in my head! 8 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, acne, tender and full BBs, runny nose this a.m., very little CM, BBs and nips are annoyed to be in my bra (that’s the best way to describe it). 9 DPO – Creamy CM, CP med and soft, Feeling normal. BBS hurt, a painful gas bubble thing at 430pm, acne. 10 DPO – CM creamy, Just BBS hurt on sides and under. Acne and I want to eat everything.... AF is definitely coming in the next 1-2 days. Cervix seems harder. Dry lips. 11 DPO – Period is due tomorrow. CP high and firm, bloated, dizzy, full and tender BBS so bad, giant BBs! Nipple sensitivity, light cramps, acne, lower backache, pelvic twinges, dry lips. Took a dollar store cheapy, dipped it for too long because I was distracted, literally said “oh shit” when I saw the BFP cross line. I thought for sure I was out?!? I didn’t believe it so I went to get a pink line test (apparently they are more accurate?) Got a FRER test…. Also BFP!! It’s my DD’s 5th bday! What a sweet day to find out  12 DPO – CP high and soft, same sxs as yesterday, some pelvic pulling, DH comments on how my BBS are spilling out of my sports bra – omg they hurt so bad! Took another FRER. BFP! Fast forward to 17 DPO (today) – I am peeing all the time, heightened smell, some food aversions to smell of cucumbers and the taste of donuts (like a weird chemically sweet), lower backache (using a heating pad). My BBS are less tender and I get some nausea if I am not eating frequently enough. I can’t believe how early some of these sxs are coming!! Given the tummy upset, I think I’ll be puking by next week (6 week preg) lol.

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