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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on CD 24 (9-10 DPO).

Hello. This will be baby #2 if all goes well. For comparison, you can read my first pregnancy BFP story here (I waited a LONG time to test last time). First, I do not know my ovulation date. I do not temp or use OPK; I track with the Ovia App and with cervical mucous. My husband is a go with the flow kind of guy and trying to conceive is stressful enough. With that said, I began have EWCM on April 19th. We tried on the 17th and the 22nd. On the 23rd, I felt pain in my right pelvic region and had more EWCM, so I *think* ovulation was on the 23rd. I will also note that most of the ‘symptoms’ I had were pretty in line with other months when I haven’t been pregnant: tender boobs (not HOLY CRAP DON’T TOUCH ME tender, but slight aches), nausea, fatigue, headaches, and even tugging in my pelvic region. My noticeable differences? A crazy amount of gas (and this is coming from someone with IBS!), acne (I usually get one pimple in the same place above my eyebrow but this month I got a big pimple on the side of my nose, my cheeks, my chin, and my butt!), mood swings toward my sweet little boy (every single thing he did was driving me up a wall), and frequent urination that felt like a UTI without the pain - just a sense of urgency to go. That was all early on. Yesterday I had a few feelings like I was pregnant, but I wasn’t letting myself get hooked on them because I didn’t think I was pregnant plus I had already had 2 negative tests. It wasn’t until last night that I had an inkling I might be and had tested too early. I started making dinner - broccoli and beef stir fry - and two things occurred. 1) The meat smelled so terrible I couldn’t continue cooking and 2) I cried because nothing was turning out the way I wanted to. When I told my husband, he confided that he knew I was last night because of the meat - he could not smell a thing! For those of you who really like the DPO + symptoms, here you go, but organized by cycle day (CD) followed by DPO (indicated by +1, +2, etc.): CD14: egg white crevical mucous (EWCM), had sex! CD15 / ovulation ?: EWCM, pain in right ovary CD16 (+1): pressure in pelvis, gas, headache, insomnia, chills, altered taste (realized that it was my prenatals causing this) CD17 (+2): tons of belching, terrible gas (smell, sound), impatient, headache, felt ‘wet,’ large cyst-like zit on side of nose, cervix was high and soft, frequent urination at night CD18 (+3): irritable, tugging on right side of pelvis, lotion like discharge (not abnormal for this point of my cycle), energetic, more awful gas, more frequent urination, nipple and breast pain (shooting sensations, but not abnormal), cervix still high and soft CD19 (+4): more belching, more gas, tiredness with small bursts of energy, waves of nausea, bloated, absolutely no cervical mucous, cervix was high and soft CD20 (+5): increased appetite, tired, frequent urination, cervix was somewhat high and soft, no cervical mucous CD21 (+6): emotional, a bit depressed, headache, congestion, mood swings, some nausea, cervix was somewhat high and soft, no cervical mucous CD22 (+7): more mood swings, first bout of real cravings (I NEEDED chips and salsa from Taco Bell - should have been a clue as the same was my first craving during my first pregnancy), felt a cold coming on - scratchy throat and cough, cervical mucous was watery and cervix was medium-high and soft. Negative blue dye pregnancy test. CD23 (+8): Cold was stronger. Throat was irritated and I felt HOT. We live in Okinawa, Japan, which is subtropical so in the Spring and Summer, humidity stays around 85-95%. I was miserable with chills and bodyaches and felt feverish but did not have an elevated temperature. I had another negative test - this time a First Response Early Result (FRER). Began to think I was pregnant due to brief feelings similar to last pregnancy - I can’t explain, but if you have been pregnant before you may understand. Also, this is when I got so upset and sickened by dinner. Cervical mucous was watery, did not check position. CD24 (+9): I had planned to save my other pregnancy test for this weekend but I have zero self control. I took a test with first morning urine and expected a result right away (because with my son, it showed immediately. After 30 seconds and only one line, I tossed it in the trash. A minute or two later, something in me said check again. So I did, and there was a faint second line. I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. You never believe the first test. My sister-in-law and best friend convinced me to do another, Clearblue Digital, which I did, and an agonizing 3-minutes later ‘pregnant’ popped up. Husband and I are a bit in shock. I’m waiting until I officially miss my period to make an appointment with the OBGYN clinic. We have told a few people but will wait to tell our son and the world (facebook), until after the first ultrasound.
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1DPO: Big glob of EWCM, was super worried I had the O day wrong and we missed it. I was still super sick and I was beginning to think it was a sinus infection. Had to work from home. By the end of the night I had developed a headache in relation to said sickness. 2DPO: Woke up at 2am with the WORST headache, definitely sinus related although I've never had a sinus infection before. Sore throat is gone and I'm still half congested/half runny nose. I really don't know if this was at all related to any changes in my body. I feel like it may have been funny timing. Still worth noting. 3DPO: Sickness has converted in allergies. This makes sense as I always have seasonal allergies. Nothing Else. 4DPO: Progesterone twinges. I say this because I had these almost my entire TWW of my failed IUI and it’s definitely too early for implantation. Allergies. 5DPO: Stronger twinges. Allergies getting better but still there. My throat is super dry/scratchy feeling at night and I had gas. 6DPO: More twinges but on both sides and center (again why I blame the progesterone, can't even keep it consistent). Brief wave of nausea. Not even like full on, just kinda felt off-putting for a minute or two. Dry/scratchy throat again.

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