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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP TTC for almost a year-irregular periods

My TTC journey started about a year ago and this board helped so much that I wanted to give back- and give hope to this community that a BFP is on its way for you! My story is I am 34 year old and assumed getting pregnant would be easy, but after a few months with nothing- I turned to the boards to get advice and symptom spot. I have struggled with irregular periods for years (Usually between 31-50 day cycle) so tracking when to get pregnant can be difficult. Since January, my period really went irregular (had an annovulatory cycle) and was starting to get frustrated. I visited my doctor a few weeks ago when I still haven't ovulated by day 28 and he suggested I try to go a fertility doctor to get some help. I went to the fertility doctor a few days later, he confirmed I did ovulate (probably around day 30-33) and to come back to him when I start my period to try clomid. Well good news!!! I never needed to go back because I got a BFP! I ovulated on Day 33 of my cycle and my doctor said it is TOTALLY fine if you ovulate late. Do not believe that just because you ovulate late it is hard to get pregnant or a bad quality egg- that is just not true! Symptoms that were different this month that made me thing I was pregnant: Extreme exhaustion- was going to bed 8:30-9:00pm every night when I am usually a night owl VERY sore nipples. Nipples sensitive to the touch. Much more painful that regular PMS soreness. Very light spotting for a few hours day of implantation Good luck with your journey!


More mood swings, first bout of real cravings. I NEEDED chips and salsa from Taco Bell. Should have been a clue as the same was my first craving during my first pregnancy), felt a cold coming on - scratchy throat and cough, cervical mucus was watery and cervix was medium-high and soft. Negative blue dye pregnancy test. CD23 (+8): Cold was stronger. Throat was irritated and I felt HOT. We live in Okinawa, Japan. Which is subtropical so in the spring and summer, humidity stays around 85-95%. I was miserable with chills and body aches and felt feverish but did not have an elevated temperature. I had another negative test. This time a First Response Early Result (FRER). Began to think I was pregnant due to brief feelings similar to last pregnancy - I can’t explain, but if you have been pregnant before you may understand. Also, this is when I got so upset and sickened by dinner. Cervical mucus was watery, did not check position.

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