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BFP w/ TWINS after almost 3yrs trying/Severe Male Factor, 1st cycle IVF w/ ICSI!

I wanted to share our story to give hope to others who may find themselves in a similar situation
as us! :) My husband and i have been together for 7 years, and TTC for the last 3 years. We never
thought we'd have any infertility issues; it came as a complete surprise to us! We are in our
early-mid 20's and completely healthy. Dr's refused to test us until we were 1yr TTC, which is
when we discovered that my husband has severe male infertility. He was diagnosed with Non-
Obstructive Azoospermia, cause is unknown bc all of his test results have always been Normal!
They said its a "One in a Million Kind of thing", his body just failed him, and he is practically
sterile. A normal man has 10-15 million sperm. My DH has 5-10 per sample, literally. However,
the few he does have are healthy, which is great, its just so strange!

Originally we were told that we would never have our own biological children, and were suggested
to use a sperm donor. We met with a new Fertility Doctor to begin the process and find out our
options, kind of like a 2nd opinion. He immediately told us that we had a pretty good chance of
success with IVF w/ ICSI w/ my husband's few sperm that he had, so we did some more tests, and
everything looked good and we decided to give it a try! At least we would know we did everything
we could before we took the next step. Our doctor said he did not think we were at the donor stage
yet, and said we should still give IVF a try, so we did.

It has been a very stressful, emotional, and difficult journey, but we have stayed strong through
faith, hope, and love. Our IVF cycle went off without a hitch! My husband had 4 frozen & 1 fresh
sperm samples ready. They retrieved 13 eggs from me, 12 of which were mature, and 6 of those
fertilized. It took them 2 of the frozen & the 1 fresh sperm sample to fertilize my eggs, but we did
it! lol We had great looking embryos and did a Day 5 Embryo Transfer. We transferred 2 embryos,
1 hatching blastocyst & another embryo which was almost at that stage catching up. Both of
great quality. The other embryos arrested, and unfortunately did not make it and stopped growing
or couldn't be frozen.

The Two-Week-Wait seemed so long! We got our 1st BFP on day 6dp5dt with an HPT! My 1st beta
was on 9dp5dt and my HCG was #137. 2 days later my beta was #317, both are great numbers! We
just had our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat at 7wks pregnant and were super excited to see
that we are blessed with TWINS!! Our doctor says it is a miracle that we got pregnant, let alone
with both embryos! I am a twin myself, and we have twins through both of our families (no
history of fertility problems though, all natural) so we are thrilled!! Miracles DO happen! :) 


how wonderful and exciting!  Congratulations!  :)

You have given us hope! Congratulations and thank you :-)

Awwww wot a wonderful story. That just brought tears to my eyes....massive congrats!!! And much good luck with multiples....can I lol?! :) xxx

thank you everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update! My pregnancy was progressing perfectly, and then for no reason Baby A's water broke at 30weeks3days. No infection, no dilating, no distress, nothing. Just a freak thing, its considered pPROM (pre-term premature rupture of the membranes). I basically was hospitalized and on strict bedrest in labor for the next 7 days until i delivered. It was intense, they couldnt do anything to help me. They did not want to deliever me that early, and also did not want to stop my labor or intervene at all. I only got strong antibiotics, IV's, Magnesium, steroid shots for their lungs, and minimal pain meds and TONS of monitoring.. Oh and i ate a ton of food to try and fatten them up! haha ~ But both babies were finally delivered naturally without complications at 31wks2days. Our twin girls were both over 3.5lbs each, and perfectly healthy, just had to spend 33 days in the NICU for normal preemie stuff like learning to eat & grow & jaundice. They are absolutely amazing and they were sooo worth the wait! :) They just turned 3 months old (1 month adjusted since they were 9wks premature) on Christmas Day and they are thriving! Good luck to everyone who is still TTC, i hope you get your BFP soon! <3

Can I ask where you saw you doc? My husband had fertility cell only syndrome but doctors keep saying we have to use donor sperm!

Seems I can't spell, my name is kristen not how I spelled it in the previous post haha

@ Kristen ~~ We went through many doctors who told us we had to use a donor, but finally found one great doctor who knew male infertility so well and helped us have our girls! His name is Dr. Paul Dudley at Seattle Reproductive Medicine in Seattle, Washington :) He is a fabulous doctor, so personable, friendly, helpful, and just all around an amazing doctor! In fact our nurse and their entire staff were nothing but wonderful! :) - Sorry its taken me so long to see this :) Good luck if you are still TTC! Keep asking for different opinions until you feel confident in what you are being told! I was okay with the use of a donor, but I wanted to feel 100% confident that it was our only option, and I never truly felt confident in my previous doctors diagnosis.. which many of them ended up being a misdiagnosis, i was right all along :) Our girls just turned 1 year old this week! :)

Our story is similar! Currently 20 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins after our first IVF/ICSI. Husband had same diagnosis, with the addition of a blockage, (obstructive AND non-obstructive azoo!) Multiple biopsy yielded one sperm! Subsequent surgery resulted in sperm in the single digits in his fresh sample. Only 6 eggs, 5 embryos, 2 transferred, none left to freeze. All achieved at a clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. Three years from beginning ttc until now. Miracles do happen!

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