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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BPF weirdish symptoms

Hello ladies. First i want to state i have been using this forum secretly (looking at symptom blogs) until i got my BFP & now i want to share my dpo story. Might be able to help someone out with my symptom list. Also we were trying to concieve. 3rd times a charm! Ill explain... 5 DAYS PRIOR BIG O : intercourse Day BEFORE BIG O : same DAY OF BIG O : same OK so we dont know which day we concieved but dh said 3rd times a charm on the day of the big o. So he felt that was the lucky sperm & that was our 3rd day trying that month lol. Anywho O fert. window dates are oct 28th - nov 2 2016. Dpo 1: very anxious like heart beating fast. Weird never even happened. (sort of like stage frieght, shortness of breath) Dpo 2: bad head ache dont know if it was a sysmptom at that time. But still charted Dpo 3-5: very gassy. Farts & burps sorry tmi, also very hungry. Very early on i know but my body started to show signs that were normally like me. Extrememly crampy lower left & headaches all day even mild after alieve. Dpo 6: crampy lower left pelvic area. Checking for boob soreness, NONE! Dpo 7-8: pretty crampy on & off in the same spot. Noticed cm. White milk color kind of creamy. Not normal i only get that the day before AF.. No sore boobs. Increased sense of smell.. Can smell stuff that didnt use to bother me. Like dh black n milds. Dpo 9 : nothing all day getting nervouse im all the way out. INCREASED cm. Smell is crazy! Dpo 10: nothing. Until at night around 9 pmish hard sharp stabbing feeling in lower left area. NOT A CRAMP very distinct feeling. Came out to be Very very INCREASED cm. Thought it was literally AF but it was not.. WOKE UP INT THE middle of the night to tinkle & noticed very SMALL red dot in the center of my panties prob the size of a sesame seed. Very excited bc i remember that feeling earlier in the night. Prop was implantation Dpo 11: AF due in 2 days. Still have cm but smells sweet. Didnt have a smell at first. No other sypmts. Took a walmart (equate 3.00$ test) bfn. Pretty much thinking im out. Since the test say you can test a few days before AF. Dpo 12: nothing. :( did not test either. Didnt want to see another negative Dpo 13: Af due today! Woke up no Af. But can come at anytime... Took same test with 2nd pee of the day since i had to buy one after i woke up. BFP BUt it was very very i mean very faint. Also feeling a little fatigued. Dpo 14 : still faint getting nervous no symptoms at all excwpt extreme hunger at this point. Also thinking chem pregnancy? I know crazy thinking. Still fatigued. Didnt test again until 26 DPO (almost 2 weeks later) a few days after thanksgiving & def BFP. I am now 7 1/2 weeks & morning sickness has hit me strong yesterday :/ wish me luck!! Also have sore boobs & extreme fatigue. Alot of my sysptoms came later that normal compared to my preg with my son. Ladies dont think you're out until at least 2 weeks AFTER the 2ww. JUST give youR BODY EXTRA time for your levels to come positive on a test :) GOod luck ladies! I also used ofk so ibwould know which day to start.


UPDATE: Had my first prenatal visit this afternoon. During the visit i asked my doc if we can listen to the heartbeat.. She said it is a little soon to hear that she doesnt want to do that yet but "ill bring in our sono equp and we can try to see a heartbeat i dont mind." here i am excited. Lol Also let me add my nausea is through the roof all day everyday!!! (which she prescribed me some dicelgis & prenatals)(have to take a certain kind but ill get to that) Ugh... Ok, so after my full exam we did a transvag u/s. And she had the screen facing her.. Was talking to me then got a little quiet.. Prob for like 15 20 seconds.. So im thinking like is something wrong.. Then she asks do twins run in your family? Im like wait! Omg wait! Shes laughing at me freaking out & turns the screen & sure nuff 2 babies with 2 beating hearts! Let me also add im black and under 25. I just was expecting a baby lol not 2! It has crossed my mind in the past PLUS my uncles are twins. One has passed but yep my mons bros are twins! So now im automatically high risk so i will have another ultrasound with a specialist in a few weeks then with my doc every 4 weeks until that "point" lol. Im basically going to see 2 docs. During the u/s she said "no wonder your uterus is measering big.. Bc now looking back when she was examining my uterus (we all know what i mean) she had this STRANGE look on her face as if something was off... So im actually 7w3d... So above i must have been wrong with my days.. Well im so excited. I wish everybody luck on there little miracles!!!

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