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FET BFP after 19 months ttc #1!

Like many on this site I have been waiting a VERY long time to submit my story. Finally... here I am! My story is long, so i'll try to condense it. Started trying aged 30, in April 2016. I used ovulation trackers, preseed, maca, b6, EPO, handstands.... the lot! Every month my ovulation was strong and obvious. Every month AF arrived on time. I was broken by the experience. At 15 months we started treatments. Tests at 4 months trying and 12 months were both clear. No problems. Good sperm, healthy AMH and egg reserve. strong ovulation. We are healthy. So we were quickly diagnosed with unexplained intertility. In Australia we have a wonderful healthcare system and my FS said "go straight to IVF. Lets not waste your time and money... IVF works". So off we went. IVF was great, honestly. I actually enjoyed it! It was so satisfying to do something proactive after so long. The injections were easy, I bounced back after egg collection and I didn't get OHSS. Our results: 18 eggs collected 17 eggs mature 15 eggs fertilized 11 made it to day 5 10 were frozen, 1 was transferred in October 2017. It was perfect! It all went so well - even better than expected.... then the transfer totally failed. My AF came early. I was devastated. The 6 weeks between that failed transfer and my first FET was the longest and darkest 6 weeks of my life. I felt like I was in limbo. It was horrible. I couldn't believe that the thing that was meant to work - IVF - had failed. What if I never have kids? It was too horrible to dwell on. Turns out the break was also a blessing. In the month off I had a pretty rubbish ovulation and didn't feel great. But on this cycle my body performed like a champion! I had the best ovulation i've had in ages, and my hormones all lined up perfectly for the transfer. My compacting 4 day morula was unfrozen overnight and became the most beautiful, plump blastocyst by the time I made it in for my transfer on DPO5. It was growing so well and I felt great about it. I did accupuncture before and after, and took the day off work to rest. The next day I went on with life. I got a bit of bleeding the day after transfer, but my FS told me to expect that, as she had been a bit rough on my cervix during the transfer. It only lasted an hour. I had Pregnyl 1500 on DPO4 and DPO7 to help with luteal phase spotting so technically I couldn't test, but I did anyway from dpo10. I watched the line slowly fading for 2 days as the pregnyl left my system, but then it started getting darker again and it was amazing! The day of my BT on DPO15 I did a digi and got 'pregnant 2-3 weeks'. My BT came back at a healthy 267. I'm Pregnant!!!!!!! I had no symptoms. Honestly. I was looking for them! My boobs settled down during the TWW and I did have some weird feelings all around my lower stomach in short intervals, but they felt shallow and like they were intestinal. I felt nothing in my uterus or ovary area at all. My only sign was no spotting, which I get 2-4 days before every AF. My CM also stayed thin but white, when it would usually go clear like water. So thats my story. I can't believe I get to post on here after 19 MONTHS! I can't wait to meet this baby - I'm already so in love!
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