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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

How quickly things can change

BFP stories on the internet are beautiful. A giant library of women sharing and supporting - and getting support. Even if we know symptom spotting is rather pointless, and even if the risk is high that I'll mcing, I will still share my story: I'm 40. OH left me 4 yrs ago, just when we had decided to try for a baby. I got depressed and realized after a year that I didn't have the energy and strength to work on yet another relationship. Instead I spent my time coming to terms with living a life without kids. This was a difficult process, and one that I never had thought I would had to go through. Fast forward to now: I eventually realized that my last chance of getting preggo was soon as I for the last couple of years have noticed pre-menop symptoms. I also knew OH wanted me back, and wanted a child. I decided that I would regret not taking this chance so I invited him over two months ago for a 3-nights' stay. That month I got a faint BFP with strong symptoms - headache, v sore breasts, sore throat, etc, and a Massive night sweat (prev unheard of) the night before I started bleeding, around 2 days overdue. Then bfn. I was however mostly puzzled that we had conceived, and I am still not sure it was a proper bfp. I don't chart or temp but I am fairly regular, so I invited him back last month for a 5-night stay. We BDed three times; twice doggy s. I fell asleep afterwards without going to the loo. I remember tossing and turning a bit. I could tell that when he came he made an effort to stay deep inside of me, and 'move around'. I think this is absolute key to our 'success' - his effort. Anyhow, I got BFP (again!) four days ago and this time I feel pregnant, like 'stable', unlike last month which was mainly a havoc of hormonal imbalance. since i don't chart i'll say dps (days post sex) and still this is just an estimate 1-3 dps - uterus felt 'full', or a 'slight pressure' 3-4 dps - more appetite than usual 5-8 dps - nothing 9 dps - white discharge, unusual for me, slight headache, also unusual 9 - now - uterus felt 'full', or a 'slight pressure' again 10 dps - white discharge again, sweet smell, tested bfn 10 dps - freezing in the afternoon 12 dps - faint bfp pink dye 13 dps - slightly stronger bfp, I actually trust my own eyes for once. I couldn't stop Eating that evening. 13-now - there is a smell around me (coming from me), which I feel constantly, not bad but not nice. milky, sweet, old, murky Today is 15 dps no AF yet, normally I spot for several day before F. I haven't taken any more tests because I do feel pregnant and solid. White discharge today, pulling sensation in lower abdomen, slightly sore breasts, Appetite. I still haven't told OH, I will wait a few more days since I'm very likely to mc according to stats. But Hey, look how quickly life can change.
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Well, I'm still pregnant. Had some brown spotting (not much) three days ago, which I think was around the time of my normal AF. I took a Clear Blue yesterday and the line was as strong as the ctrl line. Slightly sore breasts, slight pulling sensation in lower abdomen. Not as bloated as a week ago and not as hungry, so overall less symptoms. And... I told OH yesterday. He got kind of shocked, I could tell on his voice. His voice was 'vibrating'. He claims he's got very low sperm mortility and didn't think he could have kids. Just like me he is cautiously happy and said he is up for trying again if it doesn't work out. I am approx 5 weeks today.

I can't seem find any scientific papers on the frequency of miscarriage in different ages. This annoys me. One reads everywhere on the internet that there is a 50% risk of mc in women over 40, but where is that information coming from? If anyone has any scientific source of information, please let me know.

6 weeks today.   not many symptoms apart from mood - I'm angry in a good way.

8 weeks today. I'm feeling fine. Eating a lot, slight nausea, slightly sore, large breasts. Have been spotting on and off but that stopped four days ago.

Congrats! ! I haven't been on here in so long so sorry. So glad to here how your coming along :) I am 8 weeks currently had 1st ultrasound the other day and just a tiny little thing. Hope you have a happy healthy 9 months... just said a quick prayer for you! Best of luck!!

Ahh, that's fantastic! Thanks for your thoughts, I will pray for you too x. I had my 12 week scan the other day and everything looked fine. My partner and I are so happy and very much in love. Some people just take longer to mature.

Week 34 now, everything has gone smooth. I'm feeling calm and happy.

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