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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I am still in S-H-O-C-K!!!!!

Hey Everyone! Super Excited to finally share with you my BFP story. I started off on BC and i just got off of it in OCT 2017. I didn't see myself regular maybe until February 2018. I am now 30 and My husband is 35 turning 36 this year. TBH I started being serious about TTC just last month. In June. I thought that it was finally time and that I was ready to be a parent. It literally seemed that everyone around me was getting pregnant so easily. All my friends and family. I thought there was something wrong with me. My husband and I DTD whenever and I never kept track of my Ovulation and every time AF always came. So I kid you not i was literally determined to get pregnant In June. I finally purchased the Ovulation strips that came with pregnancy strips and used them when I was done with AF. I kept track everyday. Charting and taping them on paper. Soon I had a positive on day 14 . So it is said that 24-36 hours later you will ovulate. Well the 30th of JUNE my husband and I DTD twice both in the afternoon. Everytime when we were finished I would prop my legs up and pillow under me and stayed like that for 30 min. That's the only time we did it. Here is what my DPO's were like: DPO 1- abdominal discomfort DPO2 & 3 - Nothing DPO4- yellowish CM DPO-5- Abdominal discomfort and nauseous late in the afternoon plus a headache DPO-6 -11 Nothing out of the ordinary. B's felt sore like AF was coming. Tested on DPO 9 and saw the faintest line EVER and I though OMG this is it. But the following day test 10 & 11 were negative so I was sad and told myself its okay next month will be our month. DPO 12- I decided to test for fun I noticed a little spotting and some sticky whitish/yellowish CM when I wiped. Tested when i got home from work about 8pm and i got my BFP!!!!!! DPO13 - I bought the clear blue digitial test because I wanted them to actually say "HEY! you're pregnant!" instead of seeing the two lines on the cheap PT's i bought on amazon. haha ** Don't give up ladies. I know that 2WW is so hard. Trust me! I used this website as a tool to distract me. I still am in shock and cannot believe it. I'm am pregnant with our first child. You don't have to have so many symptoms like the other ladies on here. I barely had any. I thought this month was a NO since i barely had any type of symptoms. I am now 4 weeks and 4 days. GoodLuck to all of you!!! <3


So excited!

Congratulations dear for the results. You can also start implementing a healthier diet containing essential vitamins and nutrients, such as folic acid and calcium. And don't forget the fluids: You should also be sure to drink plenty of water. When it comes to kicking bad habits, it's not easy, but you should do your best for your baby. Smoking, drinking, many medications (and, of course, illicit drugs) should be considered off-limits during pregnancy or while trying to conceive. You should also avoid caffeine, such as in coffee, teas and carbonated beverages) and excess sugar. You will also want to consider your exposure to everyday environmental hazards like secondhand smoke and gasoline fumes (if you pump your own gas). I was also in the same shock some months back, When my doctor in Bio tex told me that I am pregnant. You can imagine waiting for more than 5 years waiting for these results.

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