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My 46 year old friend is pregnant - 20+ weeks and her own egg!

Hello ladies, esp those over 40! I have a son of 6 from a previous relationship. My partner of 20 months has a daughter of 5, so we're blessed and appreciative ... But can't help but want one of our own. I'm 43 and he's 45 and we've been ttc a bit casually since Jan, more seriously since last month and the realisation that we want this much more than "well it would be nice if it happened". I'm currently 4dpo and managing to keep cool, calm and occupied but just wanted to tell you about my pal who had a few miscarriages before her daughter, who is now 4 and a half. She was 41 when she had her first daughter and had sadly several more miscarriages after that, one at a quite late stage. She was v depressed and eventually gave up on baby number 2: she was 46 now after all. But after selling her daughter's buggy and getting on with her life she found out she was 6 weeks pregnant... And kept it quiet til she was past the scary first trimester and when all the tests were giving her the ok! She is due in June a few weeks after her 47th birthday...with a baby sister for her daughter! And this with her own egg and her husband's sperm and just by having sex, no IVF, no fertility treatment, just luck and love. We're all different and however we get our babies is ok if it's ok for you but just wanted to tell you guys as I am so happy for her and it also gave me at 43 so much hope! I hope it does you all too. Keep on keeping on and never say never and never give up!!! Pxx
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it's so uplifting reading such stories especially when our hopes seem to diminish every month and at times even when we talk to doctors. thank you for this inspirational story. best wishes to your friend, and an infinity of baby dust to all of us who are still waiting for the BFP!

I am 44 and 7.5 weeks pregnant. I had only had one postpartum period after the birth of my son 2-19-14. He is still nursing like a newborn, although not at night. I was taking vitamins b6, b complex, and ubiquinol 200 mg a day. I will still be 44 when this baby is born. It can, and does, happen. I could list 5 or 6 women I know personally who got pregnant without much effort after 40. This will be my third baby after 40, and my ninth.

This story is an inspiration to me because I'm a 48yr old who is pulling her hair out because of this two wk wait! I realize how hard it can be to go thru this month after month at ANY age, let alone 46! So happy for your friend. I am currently 8 dpo and counting...wish me and my hubby luck girls! Good luck to all of us trying to get that bfp!;)

Thank you so much for this story. It gives me hope and inspiration. I am 42 almost 43 next month in May. I have been ttc baby #1 for 6 years with my partner. I had my first miscarriage over a year ago. I am taking vitamins, extra b12, folate, vitamin d3, bcomplex, baby aspirn and lots of prayers! I saw a fertility specialist 2 weeks ago who said I would literally need a miracle even with IVF! I am claiming a miracle! God said "Ask and ye shall receive". Wishing everyone especially over 40 who is ttc lots of BLESSINGS & PRAYERS for a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for sharing. I am 40 and believe i have tried just about everything to conceive my 3rd child. I believe it's going to take patience, some chilling out and a miracle to achieve my hearts desire. Good luck to you all :)

I had a baby at a very young age and had hyperemesis gravidarum, it was awful. In amd out of hosp amd lost over 20 lbs. All birth control made me so sick too (bc pills, iud got infection, norplant bled for 365 days straight, depo provera same thing) so husband had vasectomy at 22 yrs old..biggg mistake. Urologist cut one entire vas out to the nub! We desp. wanted more kids in our 30's..3 reversals later, the 3rd worked! But grim, dr's said act of God or IVF. So we prayed and prayed. Decided to forget it and move on, painful but when I turned 40 I accepted it. At 41 I was late and bloated..?? We were shocked.... I was pregnant! Told everyone- I was only queezy after eating and tired..hcg doubled but started to bleed and lost our little bean at 6 weeks. So sad :0( Hard part was to tell everyone and relive the pain over amd over. We are now trying again and periods are all over e place from 24-45 but now going on cd 49 today :0( I feel pregnant but all hpts are neg except two faints a month apart from eachother. Dr put me on Provera 10mg for 10 days at cd 37 but nothing yet. I am getting blood work for quant beta hcg and progesterone tomorrow, April 13th 2015. I am sure we are all in this same boat where we can't really talk to friends and family because they all think we should just enjoy our freedom and move on. It is a lonely journey and we all need to stick together. I will bookmark this site and let you all know my results. xo

thank you Anonymous for posting about getting pregnant while BF. Im 46, had 2nd baby at 44 she is still BF and we are TTC 3rd for about 16 mos. when i got 1st PP AF at 7 mos. My baby was still nursing a lot though like 6x/day and only going about 6-7 hrs at night. 2 months ago I finally stopped the night BF and she sometimes cries but I ignore and am getting about a 10 hr stretch w/o BF and she nurses now about 3-4x/day. wake up, nap and bed, but sometimes there is a 4thx. If you are reading this how many hours did your son sleep at night? I don't want to wean to get preg if I don't have to.

Hi, I saw your post after mine and wanted to let you know (and I am 100% sure you already know) that when your prolactin level is high (and mine is and I haven't bf in 23 yrs!) it is much harder to get pregnant. I know the importance of bf'ing so I know it is tough but maybe stopping may allow you to have another baby.. Just a thought. (my prolactin is 22 so I am borderline needing meds and not. I tried to take it but the side effects were no fun).

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