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My Crazy BFP Story- Late Implantation, Late BFP after "AF" @ 21 DPO!

I've been hesitant to write my BFP story because I'm still so nervous about miscarrying, but I decided to be positive and excited and share my crazy story with you all!! WARNING: it's long! My husband and I have been TTC our first baby for 16 cycles (this is our 17th cycle). We had never gotten even ONE BFP until now. It has been quite the stressful journey, to say the least! We had just started fertility testing when I got my BFP. This is not your typical BFP story.. I'm one of those crazy people who got their "period" and still ended up pregnant. I'm interested to get some feedback- my Dr's say my scenario is very rare and the viability of my pregnancy is still up in the air! Here are the details... Feb. 17th: Last menstrual period March 1st: Ovulation day (I temp, chart, track CM- pretty confident this is my O day) March 8-13th: BFN on wondfo's March 13th-15th: spotting March 16th: AF due today. BFN on wondfo within the time limit but getting very very faint lines after they dry. The girls on this site think they're either the start of my BFP or Evaps (mixed reviews) March 17th: BFN on Wondfo and FRER although my wondfo dries up and leaves a faint line again. Shortly after, I start full-on bleeding exactly like AF- clots, the whole nine yards. I bleed heavily for 2 days, then spot brown CM for 2 more days. I count this day as CD 1. Many girls on this forum agreed that this may have been a chemical, since I've never seen so many lines on my Wondfo (even though the lines only showed after the time limit) March 21st: No bleeding, no spotting March 22nd/CD 6: I see EWCM starting to come in AND I have watery pink spotting- very very abnormal for me. I take 2 OPKS and they're basically positive. WTF! How am I about to ovulate?? I figure the suspected chemical pregnancy may have thrown my cycle off. The girls in my buddy group tell me to take an HPT, just to rule out pregnancy. I thought "there is NO way I'm pregnant.. sore boobs are gone, my temp is low- not even possible" but.... I test anyways. At 8:30pm I get my very first BFP on a wondfo.. line pops up within 2 minutes! I'm freaking out.. because clearly this can't be good. It's faint, and I bled so much in the days before. I pee on 17,456 more tests within the next 4 hours and all positive! March 23rd: I go to an OBGYN, she says it's unlikely I'm pregnant. I pee on two tests there (2 different brands), one is positive, one is negative. She's marks them in my chart as "negative".. I'm thinking "WTF woman! There are 2 lines on one of those.. and I show her a pic of all my positives from home to which she says "Wow.. you took a lot of tests. And those are all sooo faint" I begin to think about how she would react had I showed her my actual faint lines from the week before.. you know, the ones you have to tweak so hard and cross your eyes to see?! I decide not to mention those.. lol She orders HCG blood test and I demand I get my progesterone checked as well. I know my body by this point, and I knew my progesterone was going to be low due to no sore boobs and low temps. March 24th: I get my results from the day before.. HCG is 38, Progesterone is 0.2... yes.. as in below 1! AHH!!! She tells me this is a chemical and that I may or may not start bleeding again. She also wants me to have HCG rechecked ont he 25th in order to confirm. I feel very sad, so does DH :( March 25th: HCG bloods done.. no progesterone tested this day. Results won't come back until March 27th. March 26th: I pee on a wondfo and it's SO dark.. almost as dark as the control line. WTF! How are my levels still rising?!?! I begin to freak out again.. worrying about my low progesterone and my poor little sesame seed that's trying to survive. March 27th: My blood test comes back.. HCG is 77. It doubled in 45 hours. Dr says this is surprising, but to still not get my hopes up. She schedules me for more blood tests for the following day. I also ask her if I can get on progesterone since I feel like the little sesame seed is trying it's best to stick, but my progesterone may be working against it! She hesitantly says yes.. says there is no evidence it will help, but that it also "couldn't hurt" March 28th: I take my first progesterone suppository in the AM. However, I also feel like my progesterone may be rising on its own at this point since my boobs are slightly sore and temp is slightly rising. I take blood tests at 4:30pm March 29th: I got my results.. HCG is 189 (58 hour doubling rate) and progesterone has risen way up to 13 (it was .2 5 days prior!) Dr and nurse are amazed. They say in 18 years they've never seen such a bleak looking start turn into something potentially promising like this. This scares me...! They say things are looking much more promising, but not to get my hopes up since this can still go either way! So here I am.. no bleeding or spotting at all. My HCG isn't doubling as quickly as it did between blood draw 1 and 2. (45 hour doubling to 58 hour doubling). Anyone know if it's normal for doubling rates to change? I fully mourned this pregnancy as a miscarriage over the weekend.. now here I am very cautiously imagining holding my first baby in November. Prayers and positive thoughts would be very much appreciated!!!


Holy Cow! What a story! :) Many good thoughts that you'll be holding that November baby dear! 

I've been amazed at this story, I'm on the other TTC buddy group even though I've been a bit MIA but this story is by far my favourite. I am praying and hoping that the little bean sticks! xoxo

Thanks ladies.. so far everything is still going ok. I'm scared not knowing my HCG levels, but right now I'm just hoping for good news next week at my ultra sound! 

Also.. here is the link where I was figuring everything out and posting updates/pics in real time. enjoy!

I am hoping wishing a praying for you (and I never pray). You deserve this! I hope this baby is in your arms come November. Positive thoughts and love from Oregon!

Aww thank you Yonina.. that is so sweet of you to say!!   I will definitely keep this thread updated with any changes.. good or bad! 

I am a new member.... frequent lurker.... but I had to join so I could comment on your post! How are you doing? I am praying you and little sesame seed are still doing good?? Please update!

I'm having the same thing happen right now what was your outcome of all these I'm so confused right now

Im actually experiencing th3 same thing. Had v.low hcg 7 then I got AF 2 days later so I thought it was chemical pregnancy. I.was charting bbt and noticed my temp is still at about 36.5. My temp is usually always low.. then I did another hcg a week after and it was 33.9 the next day (today) it's 45.. so it's started to increase.. I work in a lab and I am testing my own levels. I'll be going to the doc on Monday cause I was convinced it's ectopic.. now you have given me hope. Maybe my progesterone is also low. I'll definitely get my doc to test that too!

I really hope you read this. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a VERY long time. We started going to a fertility clinic in 2016 and have done multiple medicated cycles and IUI cycles and I have ended up having 1 ectopic and 4 chemical pregnancies in the last year. All of my pregnancies have been just like you're story. I get a bfn and my period comes only to get a bfp at my cd3 bloodwork. My progesterone is always very low but my hcg doubles for a while until it finally fizzles out. Did your pregnancy end up being successful?? The Dr has no idea why this keeps happening to me. Please I hope you see this.

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