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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Natural BFP age 42 after failed IVF and failed IUI - Low AMH

Hi Ladies! I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to contribute to this site, but after 26 non consecutive cycles, I finally receive my bfp!! A little background. I naturally conceived for the first time October 2015, 2 months after turning 39. My partner was 29. It was a shocking surprise. We decided to terminate the pregnancy for various reasons. A decision we would regret. One year later at age 40, we decided to try for it for real this time. I went to my OB for blood work and an ultrasound and discovered I had low AMH (1.1), and 2 fibroids. I was devastated, but kept the hope alive. Despite my age and AMH levels, I wanted to try as many ways to naturally boost my fertility as possible. Over the years, I tried many things. I’ve taken my basal body temp, acupuncture, fertility massage,Castor Oil Packs, fertility candles, reiki, made vision boards, drank Apple Cider Vinegar, Ingested Baking Soda, consumed Cayenne Pepper (to keep uterus warm), preseed, Iodine, selenium, grapefruit juice, pineapple core, wore socks, drank red raspberry and dandelion tea, and had an HSG. I've taken Vitex, Maca, Prenatals, Evening Primrose Oil, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, and used Progesterone (Natural cream and suppositories). In March 2016, after nothing happening for over a year, I went to a RE. My insurance is not great and I didn’t have a lot of RE’s to chose from within my network. This RE of course immediately suggested I go straight to IVF, because my “eggs were old.” I didn’t get the sense he had any real faith in me. My partner’s sperm was “great” according to RE. I have the #’s written down somewhere. I was reluctant to pay for IVF out of pocket without testing out the office more first, so we decided to try an IUI because that was covered by my insurance. It failed. But not only that, the office made several major mistakes with no remorse and they lacked the caring atmosphere I felt would help me during the process. IVF was never in our budget, but I unexpectedly received a settlement from an accident several years earlier and decided to give it a shot. It didn’t cover the procedure entirely, but enough to where I could put the balance on a credit card and figure it out later. I just needed a new Dr. In late October 2019, I found a new (amazing!) RE. I told her I wanted to start IVF right away and that this was my one and only shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t respond to the medication protocol very well. I had 4 follicles, but only retrieved 3 eggs. All 3 fertilized and 1 made it to a 5 day blast. We decided to transfer 2 embryos (knowing one of them may not have been viable) but neither stuck. The third embryo also never turned into a blast, so it was over. I was heartbroken. My amazing RE called me to check in after I found out the news. She told me not to give up because I was too young (!?) (most Dr’s refer to me as geriatric in terms of fertility). She told me take Acai, DHEA, Myo-Inositol and continue taking CoQ10. I also kept myself on Vitex. But Being drained (and broke) from the entire process, I was reluctant to keep going as I just felt like I could not do it anymore, but a little voice in the back of my mind told me to at least try the supplements and maybe miraculously additional $ would come my way for another round. Well, I didn’t have to worry about funding another IVF round, because 2 cycles later, I would get my positive on February 4th, 2019. I really think the DHEA, and the major support from my RE was what finally did it! As I was really over the process, I stopped paying attention and 90% let go of this ever conceiving. My cycles are usually between 26-28 days and I usually ovulate somewhere between CD 11 - 14. We baby danced on CD 4, 8, 11 and 13 and stopped after that because we had an out of town visitor. I wasn’t even thinking we were baby dancing per se, but my partner has become very in tune with my cycle over the years and he admitted he was secretly trying. After being 4 days late, I reluctantly took a test and when the 3 minute alarm went off there were 2 beautiful dark lines! Since I wasn’t tracking my temps, I’m not exactly sure when I ovulated, but here are the symptoms I experienced (upon looking back). - Insomnia - Smell of meat was gross at an indoor food market. - One backne - Ate pasta and it made me exceptionally bloated for 2 days. - Felt hot. Took mid day temp one day before I tested and it was 99.46. Hmmm took temp next am and it was 98.92. (My temps usually very low, so this was a huge signal for me) - Cramps like period was coming - Diarrhea - Also felt a little extra thirsty and had to use the bathroom frequently (but that is typical for me). I am extreme grateful for this amazing surprise! I am now 7w4d and I know it is early, and am cautiously optimistic but these stories kept me going and I wanted to offer some hope to someone who might be in a similar position to me. Wishing everyone their BFP very soon!

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