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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

OH MY GOSH! MY BFP finally came :) 39!!

I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as I can by leaving my whole life story out! December was a crazy hectic month and the month I had decided that "that was it", I couldn't keep doing this anymore...I was done with the heartache month after month. Over my five day "fertile window" we did the baby dance ONCE which was day 16 of my cycle and I'm being serious. Between traveling, visiting family and friends, preparing meals etc, I didn't feel like sex and just really wasn't interested in it. So because of this, because I WAS NOT expecting a BFP, I was able to look at any symptoms objectively as opposed to the detective work and freaks out I'd usually have over every little thing my body did! Here is my breakdown :) 9 DPO - My dreams were incredibly real, a few pimples appeared, nipples were sensitive (enough to be noticeable). These are all symptoms I get before AF 10 DPO - dreams very real with a brief appearance by a baby, nipples sensitive again and skin is getting worse...lucky me. Today I was extremely wet, like I was peeing myself without knowing. I had dark undies on and noticed a dark stain....I wasn't able to determine if it was implantation or not so a tip to you ladies....wear a pad or light undie around this time!! 11 DPO - just very real dreams. Feel extremely wet in my undies but cervix is low, firm and cm is dry(ish) but a bit watery/somewhat creamy (minimal though). No nipple sensitivity at all... Completely gone and starting to get that lower back ache like AF is well on her way. I am very cold though and can't seem to warm up. I have a lot of energy! 12 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Cm is minimal but watery/somewhat creamy (AF is definitely coming but of course it is because timing was off and and only bd'd once). Nose is definitely not liking strong fact, everything is a strong smell. More pimples arriving, how nice and while I was in the bath trying to warm up, I noticed dark veins around my pelvis area and legs. No nipple sensitivity at all. 13 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Minimal amount of cm. tired lower back (just feels like pressure). Definite metallic taste in my mouth, tasted like I was licking the merry-go-round anytime I touched my mouth to something! And here is an interesting one and maybe TMI but I usually start gagging when brushing my teeth and other stuff around 4-5 days before my period (that is another way I know I'm getting AF because of my gag reflexes), anywho, this time around had nothing, no gagging at all. No feeling in my boobs at's like they've disappeared. 14 DPO - wake up with those same deep, low cramps and sure AF is right on time, but then I notice they aren't the same kind of cramps, less warm and burning (ish) and more thingy, sharp and dull achy at the same time. Low, firm cervix, very minimal cm and nose is sensitive again. is something. I never understood how women could say that their boobs looked bigger or felt heavier and all, but now I do. Holy Toledo! I felt like I'd grown a cup size over night (but actually didn''s weird), they felt heavy and full and were very sensitive!!!! Couldn't believe it! Decided I'd take a test for funsies and the pregnant line was showing up just fast as the pee was racing across the screen!! Huh!? Wha!? No, that's not right. Go drink coffee, water....anything I could get my hands on so that I would have to pee again....well, would you look at that, another BFP!!! 15 DPO - low, firm cervix. Very dry, no cm present. Extremely tired and boobs feel sore and heavy. BFP again....probably will be doing that for a while ;) 16 DPO - low, firm cervix. Dry cm. Very tired but at the same time, I can't sleep. Boobs feel heavy and sore. Dull ache in lower back 17 DPO - low firm cervix and dry cm. very tired. Boobs feel better when not wearing a bra but are sensitive...hurt to take bra off. Sore, tired lower back. "Played" and cm was very abundant and like egg white....then an hour or so later back to dry. Very moody 18 DPO - same as day 17. 19 DPO - low firm cervix, and dry/little bit creamy cm but still looks like it does before AF. Boobs don't hurt or feel full at all. Dull achy pressure in lower back. Dr. Confirms pregnancy, do blood tests etc. very moody 20 DPO (today) - low, firm cervix and dry/minimal creamy cm. Not a lot of feeling in boobs but extreme pressure in lower back. Tired and foggy brain. Moody and irritable already and the day has just begun! I hope this helps a bit. I was excited and happy to post both because I got a BFP but also because I feel like I was able to look at my symptoms without panicking and overreacting, due to the fact that I was sure we missed out. God bless you all and know that when the time is right, it will happen.
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Congrats! I love how you did it once :) must have been that the pressure was off and the timing was perfect.  I'm about 8dpo and glad to read my cm consistency is the same as yours.  Thanks for the detail H&H9Ms X 

Congratulations!!! Good advice about not wearing dark knickers. I posted yhat same thing many months ago as i was wearing red knickers. Was kicking myself as i just couldn't tell if iy was ib. Whit knickers all the way now! Enjoy your pregnancy :)

Congrats! God bless. I am waiting for my BFP

congrats!!! I was 39 for my BFP too! After 6 years we gave up and poof!

Yay! I'm so happy for you. I am 39, too, try #3. DH and I have been ttc over 2-yrs. He has been tested multiple times and has an excellent count. I, on the other hand, have a very low egg reserve. After a year of Clomid and Ovidrel, and switching to a new RE, I took 300iu of Follistim and 150iu Menopur for over 10 days. My follicles slowly disappeared until I had 2 off good size and one small one. I am not a candidate now for IVF, so switching to an IUI this month. I triggered last night and tomorrow morning is my IUI appt. I hope I am as lucky as you! Congratulations and thank you for your post! Keep on posting for me!

Hi Shakespeare 1604, I have the exact same situation as as you. I also have low egg reserve and a low AMH. We started  IVF in December and it not go too well. By cd12 l had 2 follies, one 12 and the other about 8 so the Doc switched over to IUI, which was done  last Monday on the 12th. Today is 8DPO and it feels like AF is on her way which l hope not. Doc said it could be a bad cycle or I did not respond to the meds... I am also praying that I am as lucky everyone else. Baby dust to you all!

That is wonderful! I have a similar experience. I am 39 (no children yet)and had two failed IUIs. I was just 2 weeks away from beginning IVF when I got my BFP.

Congrats Natalee. Its 10DPO today and no show of AF, but have been experiencing some cramping now and then, not much symptoms these days just a bit hungry ( or maybe I am looking for them...haha). Have BW on Monday morning but decided to test on Sunday morning... it would be my first time to ever take a test.... excited and nervous... Hi Shakespear1604 - how did it go?

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