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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Oh yeah Bfp!! 5 day 2 blast transfer

Me: 35 Husband: 36 4th IVF cycle. 3 fresh 1 frozen. This one was a fresh cycle. 7 eggs, 4 were good, 4 fertilized. Only 2 made it to 5 day transfer. One excellent and one pretty good. Already started hatching with Assisted hatching. Our issue: 100 % male factor but I also had fewer follicles over last 4 years of TtC and minimal effect on max stim drugs. Here's my log: Transfer day: evening pinching cramps on right side. Slept 4 hours after transfer day. Overnight. Crampy all night. Woke up felt nerve quick pain in right boob. Peed a few times. Woke up very tired. Day 2 p5dt Slow start felt better by 2pm. Worked a little few meetings. Acupuncture. 11pm not tired but yawning. Punchy and silly in evening. Upper abdomen tense or slightly nauseous. Hot flashes. Day 3 p5dt Sneezed a lot today. Felt pretty good. Silly. Hands swollen during dinner. Cramping kind of like muscle spasm more than af. Under belly button. Hot flashes. Day 4 thanksgiving Strange Shooting pain down right leg in morning. Day 5 p5dt Friday felt fine. Beach walk with baby and family. Few hot flashes. Up to pee a few times. Started estrogen patches. Day 6 p5dt sat Acid reflux. Almost throw up in my mouth out of nowhere? Sharp pain under my belly botton. Pee smells weird. Overnight got up to pee, very disoriented and dizzy Day 7p5dt Sunday Twinges a little sharper, very hungry. Mild headaches all day. Dry skin, itchy. Body tiredness at night. Day 8p5dt Monday Not much during day at work. Evening started to feel heavy belly, sharp and pinching cramps on lower right side. Itchy, boobs beginning to feel sore. Feel like my movement is restricted by fragile belly. Insomnia Day 9p5dt Nothing in morning Low back ache. Feeling yuck Day 10 p5dt Wed. Low back pain Thursday 11dp5dt Acupuncture today. She said my pulse felt "slippery" which was a pregnantcy pulse. She said very good sign. Crazy dreams. Getting hungry at night. Day 12p5dt Friday When I chew gum I always have the same kind dentyne in black package. Tonight it tasted like rum pineapple..? Made Husband have a piece and he said I was crazy it tasted normal. Just feeling all around pregnant. Heavy belly. Tired. Blood test in morning! Longest wait ever! Day 13 dp5dt Sharp pains in right ovary area that woke me up at 4:26 my lucky number! Tingling nerve pain in tip of toes and fingers sporadically. Blood test is today. BFP! Beta 460. Another test in two days. Things I did: Accupuncture transfer day and once last week. Pineapple core Kept feet warm Tried to drink room temp water Took it easy, did not let myself be too busy at work and did not let anything stress me out. (Last ivf cycle was unsuccessful and I did not take it as slowly and rest as much as I did) I "built a bridge" -visualized every step with a positive end. A technique I had just learned from a healer a few weeks ago. My pee smelled weird the entire time since transfer. It has been increasingly uncomfortable bending over last week. Last few days I've been uncomfortable in all my clothes. And I gained 8 lbs. I feel so blessed that in 3.5 years we've had 4 ivf cycles, 2 pregnancies. (A beautiful 18 month old that will now have a sibling). So grateful for IVF and my 50% success rate! Good luck and believe in the process!


Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 mos.

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