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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

OMG!!!! BFP!!!!! Natural cycle IVF! Unexplained infertility. First BFP after 5 years!!!!!!!

Now I really CAAAANOOOT BELIEVEEE that I am posting here. As many others, I was reading this forum like crazy over and over again. These stories helped me so much to stay positive whatever happens while going through many TWW including the successful one. I was dreaming of posting here, but I was sure it will never happen to me. But IT HAPPENEEEEEEEED!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! Me - 29, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, regular periods every 28 days since I was 12, have been very healthy before TTC. Him - 41, good semen analysis, very heathy. TTC since March 2010. I was 25 years old - young and healthy to my knowledge. Started the dream relationship with the love of my life and wanted many kids right away. We were so excited! Unfortunately, the infertility road started....It took us 5 years. It was sooooooo painful and unbearable. Just until couple of weeks I thought that it will never, never end. I was so hopeless even though I am still 29. It was never going to happen and my heart was broken. We were trying naturally for some time, but I was nervous on the 3rd month already. Started some tests. They found cervical dysplasia in 2010. It was coned - no BFP months after that. In 2012, a big dermoid cyst grew on my left ovary. During surgery - severe endometriosis found....Cleaned it - no BFP months and months after that. Then it continued - dysplasia recurring....2013 AMH levels checked - 0.25, two months later 0.14....They said I might need to think about egg donor. Whaaat?!!!!!! We were trying naturally for many months. TTC since March 2010 3 unmonitored Clomid cycles in the summer of 2011 3 IUI between 2013 and 2014 - 2 natural, 1 monitored Clomid Medicated IVF - Cancelled - 8 eggs, 6 retrieved, 5 mature, non fertilized (dr. was shocked considering our good semen analysis - it's a mystery...) Natural Cycle IVF/ICSI (absolutely no meds except the trigger shot to time retrieval) - 2 mature eggs!!! The doctors couldn't believe... Both fertilized. 2 beautiful embryos at day 5. One transferred on day 5, one frozen!!! BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beta #1 - 146, Beta #2 378. It's five weeks since my last period and 3 weeks since my egg retrieval/fertilization. I am 5/3 weeks PREGNANT!!!!! I still can't believe it and certainly can't process it. My symptoms day by day: Transfer Day - on the coach most of the day, no symptoms 1dpt - dull cramping mostly on the left side and some pain in the left leg, both for 3-4 hours. 2dpt - very very tired in the evening, shortness of breath, very light pulling and pinching pains on the right - barely noticeable, cystitis pains in the evening. 3dpt - some cyst like type of pain on the right during the day, extremely cold/freezing during the day while trying to take a nap, light menstrual cramps evening, late evening - again ovulation/cyst like pain on the right - more than earlier. 4dpt - super sensitive left nipple since last night - breasts are sore, evening - ovulation/cyst pain on the right, tired, nipple is super hurting, feeling wet but still dry, later changed to a ovulation mixed with dull menstrual cramping almost going to the legs. 5dpt - sore throat in the morning (possibly because of dry air), no pains in the morning / the left nipple still very sensitive, tired in the afternoon, after 4pm - premenstrual cramping, feeling wet, cm got more watery/sticky as the day went on, feels like period is coming. I am almost sure period is coming. 6dpt - no pains in the morning, a little bit of clear cm, after 11am - dry again, no cramping during the day, after 3pm - slightly crampy (dull..some leg pain as well), creamy yellowish cm in the evening, tired again in the afternoon. 7dpt - no pains in the morning, nipple a little less sensitive, bloated the most of all days before, veins are more visible - on my arms and a little bit on the breasts (I am not sure whether I am making this up...), cramps after 6pm - feeling warm and wet as my period will start any moment or more like it is already the most intense day of the period, very tired in the evening, shortness of breath, all day palpitations, some very light central pinching pains in the evening. 8dpt -no pains in the morning, nipples still much more sensitive than usual, but less that two days ago, breasts feel less sore, but full again, very hungry in the morning, strong palpitations and shortness of breath - almost couldn't talk, extremely emotional, feeling wet, very light cramping less than previous days couple of times between 3 and 6pm, some yellow cm, pinching in the left breast, pinching and pulling in the uterus for couple of seconds couple of times in late afternoon - very light. 9dpt - no period pains in the morning, only one strong pulling on the left side 9:40am some light ovulation like pains on the right ovary during night, bloody taste in mouth for third time now, during last night- very cold or very hot, very hungry in the morning, BETA 146!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estrogen - 450, Progesterone - over 40 Very, very tired in the evening, pinching and pulling pains around ovaries and uterus, extremely tired in the afternoon-evening, sleepy and cold, break out, breasts almost no sore, only sensitive nipples but less than before. 10dpt - sleep deprived - excited! also very hungry during night, but didn't eat....peeing all the time, waking up because of urge to pee, almost no period pains, very very tired after 4pm some yellowish sticky cm in the evening, and some cystitis pain - maybe because very tired. 11dpt - breasts a little bit sore and full, hungry in the morning, no in the evening, slept very well, waking up earlier than ususal, BETA - 378!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estrogen - 458, Progesterone - over 40. 12dpt - feeling bloated and full, breasts full, no other symptoms 13dpt - very full breasts, little sore, no other symptoms 14dpt - very light bowel like pains in the morning, very full breasts, 3:30pm - some cramping - lower front. Overall, I had no cm and I was sure my period will start any moment. I had the usual cramps, wet and warm period feeling. It feels exactly the same. I also had some protein cravings - eggs, meat, although I am not a meat lover at all. I am praying for sticky bean now!!!! It has been a long and painful road...Our love deserves this baby. Never, never give up!!!!!!!!!!! NEVEEEER!!!! By the way, my AMH last month was 1.6...Yes - it is much higher than a year ago when it was 0.14 and they told me it never grows back and I need donor egg. They know nothing about it. I strongly recommend Natural IVF cycle!!!!! Doctors say it has very low rates, but its not true. They haven't tried it enough and it is ruining their convenience - that's all. It is much better than conventional IVF. You might need to do it couple of times, but it's cheaper and much easier on you. If you ovulate regularly - you have the egg!!! If not just do the mini IVF. Not to mention egg quality and implantation are hundreds of times better with natural. Don't let them poison us, just because is more convenient. Never give up!!!! It is coming!!! You just don't know now. I wish the best luck to everyone from all my heart! Take your fertility in your hands! You know your body the best!!!!


Congratulations!! What a wonderful story and thank you so much for sharing! Your road to conceive was a long and rocky one, but you finally did it! How inspiring and wonderful! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!! Enjoy your blessing, god is so good!

Thank you so much! Good luck to you from all my heart!!!

Soooo pleased. U r an inspiration. All the best.

WOW, amazing story, thanks for sharing! Thank GOD! Have a H&H pregnancy!

Thank you so much everyone! Wishing you all the luck existing in the world!!!!!! The only one who will not see a BFP is the one who give up. Keep fighting!

I read your story and am so happy for you!!!! Totally understand what you went through!!!! Wish you luck!!!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Did you have to be on medication when they found the endometriosis?

I was supposed to get pregnant after my laporoscopy according to my dr. at the time and if I woudn't in the following 6 months, I had to take Lupron. I did not though, I refused it. Turns out I was right. For some reason, I was convinced that the endometriosis is not causing any harm to the function of my ovaries and quality of eggs. I feel like endometriosis is pretty common among women. Much more than doctors say. Only the ladies who have trouble conceiving know it and are being told that this is the reason why they can't conceive (probably having bad eggs or not functioning organs). I believe that if endo is a big cyst than it might be bad, but if it's just here and there or even everywhere in your abdomen (like in my case) it is not in the way of the conception most of the times. Just thoughts...

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