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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Pregnant at 42(almost 43) au natural

It was the first time I used OPK's.  I have regular cycles at 28 days and I usually ovulate around day 14.  To conceive in the past, I have relied on cervical mucus.  Because of my age I decided to use OPK's and I began a little earlier than the directions stated as I did not want to miss my ovulation.  Well sure enough the opk turned positive on cycle day 10, as the previous two days(cycle day 8 and 9) were negative so I know I caught the surge in time.  We b'd that night and the night after. Here are my symptoms

1-5 dpo nothing much except twinges in my ovaries 6 dpo....major lightning strike type of pain that lasted a few minutes in my uterus area.  I had a feeling it could have been implantation.
7 dpo started to feel very lightheaded and fuzzy, like I was floating.  This happened in my previous two pregnancies so I thought I just might be preggo...also my BB's began hurting especially my nipples, almost like a burning sensation and like the sensation that they are letting down with milk.  My bb's usually dont hurt that much before AF and NEVER this early before.......took a pregnancy test BFN
8-10 dpo started to have a lot of gas and burping.  Still very very lightheaded and dizzy and fuzzy. Also started to feel crampy, not like AF though, just very light and dull and higher up in my uterus instead of down below in my pelvis.  BBs still hurting, especially my nipples, almost felt like a burning sensation.  Also woke up with the craziest driest cotton mouth ever and everything started to taste very metallic that lingered on long after I ate.  Starting to have smell aversions as well and just a little bit nauseous.  Took another pregnancy test still BFN
11 dpo started to get severe heartburn, I never get heartburn ever.
12 dpo started to feel round ligament type of pain, especially when turning over in my bed, like a pulling sensation around my bikini line.  Took another test BFN
13 dpo...started to think I was having a hysterical pregnancy, that I was making up all of the symptoms in my head.  Went to the store tonight and picked up an HPT.  Peed on it and watched it and only saw the one line so I set it down and started making dinner.  Went back a few minutes later and BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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