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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Still in shock!! no real symptoms

So today makes 11dpo. I was not trying to conceive but somehow I just knew I was pregnant so I tested and here I am!!! The weird thing is I had no real symptoms but a few things did stand out to me and I will go through them. O day May 1st. Bd April 30 and May 1st 1dpo immediately my breast begin to feel slight tenderness and began to get fuller. This is very unusual for me as they never get like this until 6 or 7 dpo. Other than that nothing. 2dpo nothing really except the breast swelling so much that I felt like they were suffocating me! I'm not very big so I'm not used to feeling like breasts are suffocating me. 3-7dpo nothing at all. Breasts stopped getting fuller but remain as full as they were 2dpo. 4dpo yellow tinged cm which never happens and watery cm also. 8dpo- breasts start to deflateto normal size only slightly tender. I did look at a cute bird and it made me sad? That's when I started thinking even more that something was up. I got super super gassy from this day on and still going!!! Slight cramping for like 3 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary 9dpo lots and lots of watery discharge. I am not sure if this has happened to me before. I feel calm and collected. I decided to test and bam! BFN on ic.I started to smell weird stuff like vomit and watermelon? Test says negative so not sure on that one. 10dpo wake up and test on ic and lo snd behold a faint pink line!!??? I know what stark white is and this is not!!! I had to go to work so I left at 620 am with that on my mind. Got off work at 8pm and went straight to the grocery and picked up generic early result ept and another faint but definitely there BFP!?. 11DPO wake up and test on ic and generic and both darker positive. I rush out to buy FREE and clear blue digital with weeks estimator and instantly positive on FREE. And also pregnant 1-2 weeks on clear blue!!! This is so unexpected! !! I should be due on January 22 2017. I still have to tell DP!!!


Congratulations!!!! I am soo very happy for you!!!! We are on the same cycle. I think I am out though, no real symptoms and everyday BFN since 9dpo. I was sure I would get BFP today, but nada :-(  But good to know it is happening for someone!!!! Gives me hope :-) if not this month maybe next month. 

I tested on 13 dpo 14 DPO and 17 dpo. Also didn't have major symptoms except for the last 2 weeks having wacky dreams, this constant feeling in my throat like something is stuck there and I have to swallow hard. Sharp pains in my boobs but I got that last month too but tested negative. My husband has the flu so seeing as I usually get sick after him, and already having allergy issues and runny nose (which I also got last month) I thought I would test just in case, so I know whether to take meds or not, and lo and behold a line, followed by a clear blue plus test which showed a positive plus sign, then today clear blue digital which showed 2-3 weeks. Now to see the doctor for more affirmation. We would be due around the same time, and for us the 20th is our 5th wedding anniversary. Talk about a great anniversary present if our poppy seed want to hang around. Congratulations and Good luck to you.

I am due just two days after you!! I got my BFP 7DPO!

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