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Surprise BFP 2 Months After Chemical

I posted here a few months ago but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. Shortly after faint positive test results, I started to bleed and the bleeding continued until the pregnancy was gone. I was so sad and depressed for several weeks after that. Nevertheless, the inspiring stories on this site always kept me going and kept me hoping that someday our turn would come. We have been TTC#1 for 5 months, and I was wondering if I was ovulating regularly, or if my tubes could be blocked. I am 36 so there was some cause for concern and I had made an appointment with a fertility specialist for this coming cycle to get all the blood draws and tests (HSG, etc). I have noticed a pattern in the BFP stories that many of us have gotten to the point of going to an RE, when suddenly the BFP just happens. Then again, I am so thankful that REs exist to help those of us who need a little extra support. This site has been so educational in demystifying fertility treatments and helping me realize that going for help is a completely normal thing to do and often results in beautiful BFPs! Although I continued to think about TTC all the time and didn't feel very "relaxed", this month I had surrendered to the fact that we might need some help (HSG, Clomid, whatever the doctor said would work, I would be willing to try!)--and I think that helped me relax, to know that we could get help. I was more cheerful about planning to try in future months--having faith and knowing that our little sweet one is coming sooner or later and just being more easeful about when exactly it would be. I still feel that way, because God knows anything could happen in the next 9 months. After the chemical in November my acupuncturist (whom I see about once per week) advised me to start taking Vitex, as it can help increase progesterone and sustain a pregnancy. I took Vitex Elixir from Gaia every morning in my tea from CD1 this month. I felt like it really evened out my moods and made my skin look nice. Not sure if that's what helped us get pregnant or not, but they say it is like "nature's Clomid" so maybe it helped boost ovulation? I did get a positive OPK on a CBD a day earlier than usual and the LH surge lasted longer than usual (it was positive in the morning and late at night). We also used Pre-Seed each time because I think it is wonderful and DH likes it too. :) I was trying to follow the sperm meets egg plan, but I'm not sure I followed it to the letter. DH had already gotten a SA and everything looked great. When I say "surprise BFP", it really is because I did not have symptoms like I thought I would have. Here are my symptoms by DPO: CD 10: -OPK, BD CD 11: +OPK, BD CD 12: O? Who really knows. I don't temp so I am guessing I o'd on this day. BD 1DPO: BD 2DPO: BD (Christmas Day! We prayed a lot on this day.) 3DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary 4DPO: Nothing 5DPO: Major EWCM in the morning. Oh no, did I O late? Confused and make DH BD with me again just in case. I researched why sometimes we get EWCM in the luteal phase, and it sounds like an estrogen surge can be normal after ovulation. Or maybe this was implantation? Again, who really knows. Our bodies are mysterious. 6-7DPO: Nothing, feel fine 8 DPO: New Year's Eve. Barely made it to midnight, I was so exhausted. Not normal for me. Falling asleep at a concert where one of my favorite artists was playing. Couldn't take the loudness and being around drunk people. 9-11DPO: No symptoms to speak of. After past disappointments, was doing my best to avoid symptom spotting. I did feel some tingly-ness in my bbs, and felt hungry. Nothing strange for me pre-AF. Notice that I am NOT testing at all--the chemical scared me and made me so incredibly sad, I couldn't handle a BFN. Also, with the chemical, the super-faint line never showed up until AF was 3 days late (19 or 20DPO). At this point in my cycle (11DPO) AF is more than a week away. So I didn't think there was any point in testing. 12DPO: Felt amazing all day. High energy and perky at work. Getting ready to head out with friends (DH is out of town) and decided to test "just in case" since I didn't think I was pregnant and would have liked a drink. As I'm unwrapping the FRER, I'm shaking my head, knowing it's going to be negative and telling myself, "It's okay, we'll try again next month. Don't get sad." The line was dark and came up almost immediately. I started shaking. I took a picture of the test and texted it to DH, saying A LINE OMG. We could not be more thrilled and more ready to welcome this little one into our family. I also took a digital test--"Pregnant!" I will continue to test until I'm really sure. If I hadn't tested, I don't think I would believe that I'm pregnant due to the lack of symptoms--but I do notice that I'm more sensitive to smells and that my breasts are feeling more tingly and sensitive. I feel emotional yet also very calm and happy. I am curious to see what new symptoms will arise over the next 9 months. I still have fear because of the chemical--it is such a terrible letdown and sad feeling to see that blood. However, the strong line at 12DPO gives me hope that this little one has implanted and wants to stick around! We already love him or her so much. Thanks to all of you who have posted here and I really wish each of you the best of luck on this trying journey. Tons of baby dust to you!


Hi, congratulations on your BFP! your story gives me hope. I've had two chemicals already and started on vitex this cycle. Can you tell me what did your acupuncturist recommend regarding the vitex after the BFP? will you stop taking it or continue? are you planning to get your progesterone levels checked? Congratulations again and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Hi there! I plan to wean myself off of the vitex over the next week. It's not recommended during pregnancy, but also not good to abruptly stop taking it. So I will just take less and less each day. I am planning to get my progesterone levels tested today, along with the beta HCG test. The lines have continued to darken, so I am hopeful and happy!! Good luck to you and keep me posted!!

Hi! Thank you for your response. It really helps a lot! I'm out this month and I will be taking a couple months off from ttc but now I have a clearer idea of what to do when and if I get my BFP. Thanks again and best wishes!

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