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Wow - 1st Month TTC BFP

I promised myself I would post here once I got my BFP since I STALKED this thread during my TWW. Just yesterday I got my first BFP after this being our first month of trying, my fingers are crossed all is well. I hate writing TMI, I never really understand it, so forewarning, I'm not writing it. We're all here to get the down and dirty, nothing is TMI. I'm writing exactly what I wrote to myself on FF. I ovulated on CD16 of a usually 30-32 day cycle We BD Monday, Wednesday, Thursday(O Day), Friday CD16 - O day & :) on OPK 1 DPO - Negative OPK 2 DPO - Nothing - temp down below coverline, fallback rise? 3 DPO - Diarrhea (maybe that's dramatic, soft stool) - from hot dogs maybe? Woke up again at 11 with same thing. Very painful gas pains - doubled over. very mild cramps - maybe in my head or maybe gas pains. Felt very short stint of light headed / dizziness earlier in the day 4 DPO - Bottom of right boob is kind of sore - nothing crazy, confused as I'm almost positive they never hurt THIS soon before AF - dull uterus pain - heightened sense of smell in PM briefly, but never returned after - can’t sleep - CRAVED Poke bowl at night (dreaming of our honeymoon in Hawaii and couple months ago) 5 DPO - Woke up with dry mouth. Still mild tender boobs. Barely anything - creamy CM 6 DPO - Temp in the house was lower - maybe effected my temp today? Went down slightly - creamy CM Marking down that boobs still tender but they’re still only moderately tender on the sides. Not even up my armpit. PM cramps, gas pains, diahrrea (again maybe dramatic, soft stool). Didn't eat anything out of the norm. Gagged when taking pills this morning. 7 DPO - mildly tender boobs still maybe not as bad? Mild cramps again Gagged taking pills this morning - creamy CM Abs HURT - maybe from pushing so hard when I had an upset stomach? Feels like I did 100 sit ups. Dull pain in uterus briefly 8 DPO - Boobs still mildly tender - a little more than before Vivid dreams last night - creamy CM Got dizzy briefly in afternoon during a meeting. Light headed like, woah! Mild quick cramping Teeth hurt when chewing Swollen gums on right side? What the heck? Feel starving a lot sooner between meals Irritable at lunch time 9 DPO - Legs feel on fire like human furnace but not hot to touch dull uterine pain - creamy CM Ate Portillos - went right through me literally pooped my pants (que lmao) EXTREME hunger in the pm Tightness in chest Peed in the middle of the night last night Nipples look bigger Boobs more tender had VIVID dream that I got a BFP Nipples seem to always be erect 10 DPO - Right uterine pain when got up too fast Watery CM *Took HPT in the AM, no line Took another at 3 PM - faintest line ever on a clinical guard Took a digital and FRER, confirmed positive. First month trying (me - 27 DH - 30) - but this is what we did and what I took - -Preseed (can never hurt ) - Baby aspirin, Vitamin D, Prenatal with Folate not Folic Acid, Allegra, Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, Super Enzyme Vitamin -Temped vaginally and logged in FF, although this seemed to get my hopes down more than up with my temps. I would've stopped after confirmed O day was logged if I did it all over again *Going for a Blood Test after work today, and I pray this isn't a chemical or ectopic and all is well Good luck and baby dust to all - I am attaching the Clinical Guard I took that was the faintest positive, I thought it was an evap. Don't lose hope ladies!


Congratulations! HH9

IDK if u figured out why you're having soft stools/diahrhea but when I was pregnant with my daughter, never having lactose etc milk an issue other than naturally not liking it maybe your upset stomach/loose stool/diahrhea is from something specific yre eating/ drinking. I was having stomach pain so bad that I'd thought I was in labour if I didn't know any. Better which at the time I didn't even know I was pregnant, it would hit me out of nowhere after I'd drink milk to cure my acid reflux/heart burn. But the first few times I didn't think it was milk from cereal/cup drinking, I thought it was me allergic to the red dye or something in my hi c from Wendy's because I had drank it two days in a row as well. Eventually realized in lactose intolerant when pregnant with my daughter as she's lactose sensitive and so am I so it was like 2x as bad. Ironically, I think because I've always been appalled by milk. So I think nowadays from learning about any sensitivities or allergies that it's best to trust instinct/intuition such as with kids when they just "don't like" a certain food and don't wanna try it because I think they're sensitive to it for some reason or another. Etc. But maybe that was coming from a food/drink you're/you're baby is sensitive to. IDK if u solved the issue or not. Just something to think about.

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