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Anyone wanna wait w/me? I'm 1DPO! Woo!

So the TWW begins for me ladies. Felt like forever since my hopes were crushed by AF's arrival. 

Now, after showing a VERY positive (or 8 positives; since I'm totally insane) OPKs they finally went back to being negative last night After being positives for exactly 30hours.

i am beyond excited! I FEEEEEEEL like this is it! Finally! It's only our second (or third, yet again depending on how you look at it) month trying but it already feels like YEARS! mainly because I know I don't ovulate and drop eggs EVERY month. Only some..

I would love to have a buddy with me for the TWW somewhere close to where I'm at to compare symptoms,obsess over squinters, etc.

A short and happy TWW to us all! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!


Best of luck!

Thanks Nikki! :) how many dpo are you 

Thanks Nikki! :) how many dpo are you 

Waiting!! I'm soooo excited I'm taking the test on Tuesday with 1st response!! This is my 2nd month too, with my second baby, fell right away with my 1st, so this feels like forever.... Come on BFP!!! Xx

Same Here! My first born was the easiest to get pregnant with !!  I'm praying for your bfp! Please keep me posted !!!  Baby dust! 

Prayers said & fingers crossed for you too!! Will post back Tuesday... Ahhh xxx

Hi Alissa! This is our 3rd month trying as well. I am 2dpo today. I was late O'ing because of a family loss that stressed me out, but we were able to get in two good BD before the big O, so at least there's that! I am new to this site and I would be interested in "waiting" with you!

I have a 21 month old baby boy and were trying again!!! It took us 10 months for our sweet boy! I took fertilaid and got a BFP the next month!!! I'm back on fertilaid and 1dpo!!! I hate the waiting game lol

Definitely kellie! Welcome! :)  we can symptom spot together :) where are you from and how many kids do you have already if any? 

And thanks SOOO much Jane :) welcome chelsie!!! :) I hear you on this! Hopefully this is your month as well so we can get out bfp together!! All of us! :D how long are your cycles ladies? 

Thanks! I live in Michigan. We are ttc our first...I know it's only month 3, but I wasn't expecting it to take this long! DH and I have been married for over 2 years and weren't really protecting against a pregnancy. I'm so antsy!! I have a background in early childhood and work with young children and I am so ready to have my own! I normally have a 28 day cycle, Oing on CD15. This month I didn't O until CD19, so I will have a longer cycle this go around.

Alissa, I was just thinking about you and how excited you must be! I'm keeping you in my prayers! I should be o'ing in the next 5 to 6 days! I'm soooo excited!!! I can't wait to be in my TWW!  Super sticky baby dust to you!!! =)

Thanks so much Lupe. you're in my prayers as well. Best and stickiest baby dust to you as well !!! FX! :):):)  and btw this tww is excruciating! :( ugh showing by soooooo super slow!!! Wish there was a way to fast fwd time! 

Did a pregnancy test today (6 days before my P) as the 1st response one said 6 days before-with my first got a very faint line at this point. But no joy a clear negative :-( will try in a could of days, otherwise not this month. Xxxxx

Could = couple opsi

Hi ladies....I'm a total newbie to all of this! This is my 1st month TTC. I'm pretty sure I O'd on 8/11, so I guess that would make me 7dpo?? I'm very in tune with my periods and can feel when I ovulate. Got the O feeling on 8/11 so I'm going with this date, and it makes sense with LMP being 7/29. So here I am 7dpo, totally unable to sleep for the last week bc I'm googling every symptom that feels diff lol I'm soooo impatient! So far symptoms are : Sore breasts, sooo hungry, headaches like crazy (specifically 3-5 dpo), cannot sleep (maybe that's just the anxiety?), random acne breakout yesterday, dull back pain, dull cramping for last 5 days, and my newest symptom (TMI) weird smelling urine, like so potent and funky. I know every symptom correlates with PMS, however I rarely get sore breasts and this whole urine thing is throwing me for a loop! I figured I'd test 10dpo just bc i'm crazy impatient. I needed to find someone to obsess with in the mean time bc I think I'm driving my hubby nuts! lol How will I get through this wait?! Feels like forever! :(

Hi ladies! Since I suck at using opk's I'm calling myself 4dpo because that's when my CM and cramping happened! Just wanted to join In on your TWW! Alissa, I think we're pretty close to the same dpo!

Hi Ladies!! The more, the merrier! I hope Alissa agrees! I am wondering what symptoms everyone has if any! 1-3dpo I had light cramping/pressure, bloating, and a little gassy 4dpo, everything went away, but I had a bout of dizziness/lightheadedness in the late afternoon/evening 5dpo (today) Nothing yet! It seems a lot of bfp's don't have symptoms early on, so I'm not getting down about not having many symptoms...Trying not to get my hopes up either... Good luck ladies!!

The only "symptoms" I've had so far are lower abdominal pain and tiredness... That may just be from a busy birthday weekend and too much food! Anyone else?

Very very very faint positive this morning wahoo fingers crossed will try again tomorrow afternoon x

Yay Jane!!! Hoping for a stonger bfp and sticky dust for you!

Hey ladies. Sorry ive been MIA. I'm back. TONS OF SYMPTOMS!  ill write them all out tmwr! I'm at work.... Lol speaking of... ONE of my symptoms is IRRITABLITY . Yeah I'm at work. And ready to kill all. Lol plus SUPPPPPPPPER TIRED!  Best of luck ladies and JANE OMG SOOOO EXCITED FOR U!!!!!   ps- I'm 7dpo on 8/21 :)

Yes BFP! Confimed! Have the Dr's on Friday to book me in with the midwife! :-) The symptoms I've had is cramping & sore ovaries (if that makes any sense!) for a day or 2 xxx Good luck xxx

Ohh and 1 evening had what was like bubbles all evening in my belly. X

Congrats Jane!!!! So so so over the moon for you!!!!!!!!

Official Congrats Jane!!!! I am cramping like crazy tonight! They feel different than AF cramps and I think it is too early for that being I O'd late this cycle. I'm 8dpo so I hope it's implantation cramps!!

Best of luck to you Kel! KMFX FOR YOU! 

Well, I had a slight temp drop, then it skyrocketted. I was super excited, but yesterday it nose dived to my coverline. Today it went up only .1 degree :-( I also started spotting yesterday and a little bit this morning too. I think I'm done for this month...AF is due Tuesday, but she seems to be warning me that she is going to show up fierce. If my temp goes up in the morning I might test, otherwise I will just save them for next time. My only real symptom now is sore BBs, but that has lessened a lot. How is everyone else faring? ***Baby Dust*** to the rest of you!!