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beta results are in ...


so i went in on Tuesday, August 13th for my first beta test - 281!!

I went in this morning for my second beta test - 634!!!

I am beyond thrilled and excited! Hubby and I feel so blessed and really hoping the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly!

My nurse is supposed to contact me later today to schedule my ultrasound! I think that's when it will really hit me when I get to hear my babies heartbeat or heartbeats!

My hubby and I are convinced we are having twins! haha but we will be happy with one or two happy and healthy babies .. cant imagine there being three but if it is ok!

so so so happy!! :D :D

Until next time xoxo ....


Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm wishing you a h&h 9 months!!

Congrats to you!!! Betas sound awesome! H&h to you!!!

thank you thank you jen and alissa32200!!! xoxo

Congrats! thats so exciting :) Good luck!

Happy for you!