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Please help me understand this EWCM!

Hi everyone!

I use the Clearblue Advanced OPK and had 5 dasy of flashing smileys beginning 8/6, thensolid smiley on 8/11. DH and I BDed EVERY SINGLE DAY from 8/6 through 8/13 and rested last night 8/14. I used to see EWCM every month before TTC, but swe started TTC last month and suddenly-- no EWCM.

So, I JUST saw EWCM today: 8/15. I believe I am 3dpo--so why am  seeing EWCM NOW? Is this normal? Was the clearblue wrong about my O days? We're BDing again tonight just in case--but what do you all think? 

Oh a little more info: Today (8/15) I have had these weird pains that feel nothing like my usual ovulation cramps on left side. Never felt these pulsing pains before in my life. Also, during the time I had the solid smiley (actually on 8/12 & 8/13) I had the WORST ovulation pains--they weren't the usual annoying, they were downright INTENSE and uncomfortable to sit through. PLEASE help to shed light on any of this, This is our 2nd month TTC. What do you think about the EWCM today 3PO??


I am wondering about the same thing. Before DH and I were TTC, I remember noticing EWCM, but now that I'm specifically looking for it, I really haven't noticed anything around ovulation. I remember last month (we're on month 2 as well), not seeing any CM when I got the + opk. This month I'm trying pre-seed to maybe help with (I guess) my lack of CM during fertile week. Have you tried using the cheap strips? The CB test should be pretty accurate from what I've heard; this is my first month using it as well. You probably o'd on the 12th or 13th--I've heard CM right after ovulation is normal. Sorry I'm not more helpful! Fingers crossed this will be the month for both of us!

Thank you--I hope you're right and I certainly ovulated on the 12th or 13th and the EWCM is just proof that I ovulated --not that I was currently ovulating. I took a dollar store ovulation test last night and the line was super light so I do not think I was ovulating. The directions on the cheapie said you are ovulating if the line is "as dark or darker then the control line". It was definetly much, much lighter. So, I'm going to hope I'm pregnant and implantion should start soon! I plan to eat pineapple core beginning tomorrow--I read it has something in it that supports implantation. We tried pre-seed this month too!! I wish you the best--keep me posted!!