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Opinions Please-

Hi all


I just wondered if people could give me some opinions regarding having a couple of glasses of red wine in your 2ww. Since ttc I have been watching everything, I am healthy anyway, don't drink a lot anyway and do regular excercise (even calmed down on this incase anything affects implantation) but tonight I have a party and not sure whether to have 2 glasses at the most, Im terrified incase it would affect anything. I am 10dpo. I feel like since TTC i am restricing myself to a lot of things and maybe just going too far.

Thanks peeps xx


Hi Jodie, I have also read up on this a little bit and found that what you do in the two week wait shouldn't drastically affect the embryo if you are in fact pregnant. I am 9 dpo today and am thinking the same thing as we head into the weekend. I definitely would not go over board, but in my opinion, 2 glasses of wine shouldn't affect anything.  If it would make you feel better, take an HPT before just to see if anythings up. It might be nice to lighten up and take your mind off things tonight! So enjoy yourself (but within reason) :) good luck!

I think thats totally fine. Let yourself relax and enjoy a glass or two:)

Thanks for your comments, I did think I would maybe get that response. I didn't really want to test tonight as so convinced I'm not pregnant but just hanging onto that little bit of hope. I don't think it affects anything (like you say in moderation). A few of my friends got really drunk before realised they were pregnant and they were all fine. It will be a bit hard at a party where everyone knows I usually socially drink to say no ha ha. Thanks again and good luck to all x

Sorry just one more thing, does anyone know if alcohol would affect implantation? Xx

Even if you did have implantion, your baby isn't even a baby yet, its a blastocyte, just a bunch of dividing cells. Basically, you can continue with your regular lifestyle (don't go crazy) up until about 3 weeks after what you preceive as implantaion.

Thanks for your advice :-) what I thought xx