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AF due today... But..

AF is due today.. last week i had cramping for like 4 days! I didnt know why.. my cervix was getting lower and lower so i figured i was out.  And this morning i can hardly even reach my cervix!! and i feels significantly softer then the past couple of days?! But negative test this morning. I think i see the FAINTEST line..Probably my mind just playing tricks on me. i know im probably out. But Wth is going on lol.


Please please please reply. i just need somebody to talk to!!


I know how you feel. Its frustrating. I personally think the day of waiting for AF is 100x worse than the entire 2ww. Wait anothe day or 3 and test again. I hope you get your BFP. Lotsa babydust coming your way.

I agree!! Thank you so much. Lots of baby dust to you too!!

I hope you get your BFP soon. Any other symptoms?

Yes actually.. My boobs hurt worse this month then usual but mostly my nipples. I've been feeling nauseous the past two days but that might be a little bug because i feel like theres a little mucus in the back of my throat right now (sorry idk if thats tmi) i'm incredibly tired.. but i also have a very active 13 month old. cervix is still high and soft. i had cramps late last week for a few days then they just stopped. absolutely no sign of AF coming today.. so idk .. im going CRAZY!

Maybe i ovulated late and those cramps last week were implantation cramps or something.. probably not lol.

A faint line is a good sign :) Your symptoms sound just like me. AF isnt due for 6 days, and I have had terrible cramps the past 2 days, intense enough for me to insert a tampon. (unusual) I only cramp the moment the witch shows up. When are you retesting?

Thats how i usually am! AF was due today and she didnt show her face!:) I'm probably gunna test either sunday or monday if i dont get my period. I hope you get your BFP!!!