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Textbook IUI

Hi y'all (I'm from Texas),


Update on my progress. Had a failed IUI turn ICI on the first attempt (last month). At the end of last month I went in to just have a cervical dialation, but instead RE was able to get to my uterus without any issue. So no cervical dialation needed, instead had baseline work done. Given same protocol as last IUI. Letrozole, 7.5mg on CD 5-9 (12/29/14-12/2/14) . U/S on day 12 (1/5/15). Had on 18mm follicle on left side, only 2- 10mm on right. RE plan was to trigger on 1/7/15, and have IUI on 1/9/15), but this cycle I decided this time I would pair this monitored IUI with OPK. I chose the First Response brand. On day 13, (1/6/15), decided that was the day to start checking LH surge. To my surprise, a very dark pink line compared to the reference line.

So at 5:45am, I emailed my original RE and told her about my OPK results, my concerns and frustrations. We both agreed, it was imparative that we move up the IUI. So today is CD14 and I had the IUI (without complications, and pain free :)), at 2:00. So now the 2WW ensues. 

Thankful that my doctor squeezed me into the schedule today and that DH took off the day to be with me. I was expecting the worse with the complicationg I had on last IUI turn ICI, but so grateful that I'm home without any pains.

Oh, and I didn't have to trigger since the OPK detected that I would be ovulating in 24-36 hours and that is the purpose of the trigger... I had EWCM all day yesterday, like lots of it, today, I still have some just not nearly as much...praying that all was timed perfectly.

This time around I'll just keep busy with teaching, exercising and yoga! Baby dust to y'all!!!


Just had my IUI on Monday as well! Your cycle sounded great!