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HELP, OPK question!

Ok y'all I have a question


I paired this cycle IUI with a OPK and on the first day of my positive, detected LH surge, I called the RE and scheduled the IUI to be moved up. It's been three days, and I have POAS every day, different times during the day, and still have a darker line than the reference line, what the heck does that mean...that my LH is still high and I haven't really ovulated? Confused beyond belief! 


I had the IUI on Wednesday 2pm-ish. Isn't the POAS supposed to read undetected at some point...I just wanted to reassure myself that indeed I did ovulate, but with this darker line still I am confused...anyone ever experience something similar???


I know its horribly confusing but opks have a habit of giving false positives when using  femera or clomid.  becauseof multiple elevated LH. Many women start tempi g CD 9 and get positives but some of them were true positives hard to say.  Some women can use it on the meds but some can't. However temping would be able to let you know when you O for the most part. Blood work and monitoring might be the onky way. I guess to cover bases BD every other day. Good luck

Are you able to do more than one IUI during this cycle?

Did you have any ultrasounds to confirm follicle sizes?  I had an IUI 5 days ago and I have a couple ultrasounds to check follicles and then I start opks, call with my positive, and they still check my dominant follicle before doing the IUI.

I think you can....I heard stephttc2 was about multiple inseminations. I wonder if it will up the chancwd s a bit?

j.mommy --Yes I had the U/S the day before (CD12) I started using the OPK. I only had one follicle at 18mm on my left side, which was mature. On the right, only two that measured 10mm.I  I didn't have to do a trigger shot  (Ovidrel)because the RE told me the positive on my OPK meant that my body was doing what it was supposed to do. So I had the IUI on CD 14 at about 2pm-ish.

Yes but at clinic I go to it's the common practice to do more than one IUI...I need to inquire about that...until I started reading other ladies ttc story, I didn't even know that existed.

it's NOT* common practice...typo!