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Oh God is soooo GOOD. I've been TTC for somewhere around 7 years. Taken many many POAS test and never got anything else except the single line, ugh! It's been about a year straight seeing Drs in both U.S. and in Mexico, regarding infertility (on my part). So this was my second cycle monitored IUI with femara CD 5-9, trigger (ovidrel) though I didn't need it because I ovulated on my own. My thinking is that my body needed help to get mature ovums because I have PCOS, low thyroid and insulin resistance. In case you're interested I take synthroid (brand name) 25mcg, metformin 1500 mg (Drs agree that's the only dosage that works for infertility and insulin resistance) and folic acid (the prenatal vitamins make me gag). Back to today...

My husband had been asking me if I "feel pregnant" and I would answer nope, not at all. Except for the ocassional feeling fatigue, diarrehea, peeing more than average and heartburn feeling I didn't feel anything. In fact, yesterday I told my hubby, I'm going to POAS tomorrow (today) morning so I can just confirm I'm not pregnant and I'll just go to the gym and run a long run and get back into heavy lifting. So I POAS this morning and for the first time ever I got two lines on a FRER. I am confident this isn't the medication in my system since femara last 9 days at most. And I didn't have to take the trigger shot this time.Lo' and behold, two lines! Took a double take at the stick, and I'd be lying to say that I haven't run back to the test four or five times since I took it to check if the lines are both there.  Today I'm 12dpo or maybe 13 dpo, nothing is ever certain, right!?

My hubby doesn't want me jumping for joy just yet as I have a official blood test this coming Saturday.

So I just want to let tww community that you can have a BFP without any symptoms, no sore boobs,  no weird smells, no weird dreams...just typical AF symptoms...wishing all of y'all sticky baby dust, lots of it!!!




Big congrats! Thats brilliant news! Happy and healthy 9 months x

Congrats!!  What a LONG wait!!!  Praying for a happy and healthy nine months!

Did you take a test yesterday by any chance?  I'm 11 dpo and got a BFN.

Congrats!! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

Ahhh that is well deserved after that wait!  Hope you have an amazing journey x 

Steph no I didn't test any other day except today. Fingers crossed you get your BFP!    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Keeping y'all in prayer. I know this ttc is marathon, stay the course and try to stay positive. Thankful I have a very patience, encouraging hubby that allowed me to cry all those other times...and cry today of happiness.

Congrats! Best of luck.