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IUI on Day 23...

It's been a while since I've been on this site but I come again as I'm TTC baby #2. Baby #1 was an IUI baby and is a happy health 18th month old...but now that we're trying to add to the family, these past few months have been hell on my body. So this is my 3rd Monitored IUI. I typically have normal cycles 28-30 days, but for some reason this one is hella 35 days...Last menstrual 2/22/17. Had baseline scans on Day 3. took 7.5 mg Letrozole days 4-9. Also I'm on 1500mg of Metformin, prenatal vitamin and most recently Vitamin D. I have unspecified PCOS. Went in for Day 11 scan, follicles were all just about  11mm, so back in three days, had 5 follicles at 15mm, then back again 2 more days, 1 follicle at 17. Trigger at 930pm on 3/15. IUI today, 3/16 at 11am. I feel bloated and cramping...I didn't feel this way with my positive two years ago, so I'm wondering if this is normal? and can anyone related...I'm on cycle day 23 and had the IUI...Dr checked all my levels to see if I had ovulated, and nope, progesterone was low, my lining was I'm a bundle of confusion. Typically I pair Monitored IUI with OPK but this is the third consecutive month trying and I'm just tired, so I did away with it...Probably shouldn't have! Anyhow, I'm just rambling and trying to read success stories with an IUI so late in the dust to all of you! Fertility issues suck, but holding a baby is worth all the stress...hang in their y'all!