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So I've been TTC for 6 years and have had ZERO SUCCESS. I am 27 with no pregnancies ever. I was diagnosed with stage 3 endo, ovarian cysts and a tilted cervix in 2011. I was told that I needed to start TTC immediately if I ever wanted to have a chance at being a mommy. Half of my right ovary was taken with my initial lap and the cysts and some endo was removed.   Cysts came back within a week (happens every single time). 7 months later, another lap, removed cysts and endo. Another year and a half passed, another lap to remove cysts and endo. One year after that, another lap, but this time, I was having my left tube removed due to a hydrosalpinx (blocked and enlarged Fallopian tube), had the surgery, removed the cyst and endo. Ended up keeping my tube (it wasn't blocked, only had a cyst growing inside of it) and dye test showed that my tubes were actually clear aside from that. Also found out that part of my uterus was stuck to my bowel, so had to get a piece of mesh put in the separate the two. About a month after this surgery, I started TTC again. Had my egg reserve tested (everything looked great), used Clomid and trigger shot. Had great follies- NO SUCCESS. I have a 26-29 day cycle and I am very regular. My periods are extremely painful and heavy the for the first 3 days. I've tried ovulation tests in the past but they always showed negative. I have NEVER recorded ECWM, (always creamy/lotiony), so I've never been sure when or if I even ovulate. However, recently I have been experiencing some severe ovary pain mid cycle, but can't tell whether it's ovulation pain or cysts. And more recently, my internet cheapie ovulation tests show positive mid cycle, but still no pregnancy success.  Started taking evening Primrose Oil and vitex recentl also. So here we are 6 years, 4 surgeries, heaps of birth control, lupron and pain medicines later and STILL NO BABY. Doc says he doesn't want to do anymore surgeries because it will cause too much scar tissue and basically it's nothing else he can do for me. I am helpless ladies and feeling like I am at the end of my rope! Why is it not happening for me?!! I'm devastated :'(


I'm so sorry you are going through this. Sending lots of positive thoughts and baby dust❤️

Has your partner had a sperm analysis done? Do you ever feel slippery cm, even if it's not ewcm? It's a good sign that you're getting positive opk's lately and I think the mid-cycle pain (as long as it's not terrible) sounds like you could be ovulating. I'd get your partner checked out!