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26 Dayyyys!

The FET countdown is underway! I'm a few days into my Lupron injections like a total champ. I finish up bcp tomorrow, and after AF (hopefully the last for many months) I add in my estrogen supplementation. 

I'm really glad that we decided on the clomid stim protocol that has to be done with FET, bc I am way less stressed than I was during stims/retrieval. It's just so nice to know that we already have embryos, so that's half the battle behind us, and I'm experienced with the SQ injections this time around too which takes some pressure off. We'll see how I'm feeling once we get to the PIO IM ones, lol, but for now I'm pretty excited and minimally stressed. Really now I just have to keep my wits about me and not fall down the "what if" wormhole. You can't know until you know! No sense getting so worked up over infinite scenarios when only one will come to pass.

Thanks to all of you who are still, after all these years, supporting me in this journey. I really truly hope to be able to share good news soon. 

Faith, trust, & baby dust.


It's getting excitingly close now. Lots of baby dust coming your way.

So exciting! Looking forward to more updates!!

I am so invested in this for you!! Very best of luck! Glad you have survived BCP!!

Youre doing great spazzle.xxooxx try and stay positive! It helps the body concieve!♡♡♡ rooting for you always